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Sep 30, 2008 03:48 PM

Looking for great BBQ between Wichita and Kansas City on I-35

Any suggestions for BBQ on I-35 between Wichita and Kansas City. Would prefer not driving too far off the interstate. Thanks

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  1. Oklahoma Joe's and Jack Stack are both off I-35. Not more than a couple miles off the interstate. Straight shots and easy routes. Well worth the diversion.

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      I'd also not e that you can take the Brooklyn exit just North of Kansas City. If you go east, you will find Arthur Bryant's. If you go west, you will find Gates. Both are less then half a mile of 35W

      For my dollar, you can't beat Arthur Bryant's. It is one of my favorite restaurants in America. There's a reason that every US President eats there.

    2. Williamsburg Ks, about an hour outside of Kansas City on 1-35 has Guy and Mae's Tavern. They have been voted the best ribs in Kansas many times.

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      1. re: docputer

        I second Guy & Mae's... it's wonderful! The ribs fall right off the bone. I've done the drive from KC out there just on a craving...

        1. re: lwoerther

          You had me until fall off the bone. I've read stellar reviews about this place. Do they really over cook their ribs like that?

          1. re: chileheadmike

            I received these posts after my trip to Kansas City. However, they all look great so will bookmark them for the next trip.

        2. re: docputer

          After hearing great things about G & M's I visited them twice.

          The first time,. I was quite disappointed with their hard, dry, flavorless ribs. The bbq sauce was watery (it wouldn't even stick to the meat), pretty tasteless and served in quart jars. The only other items on the menu were 3 or 4 other smoked meats. No fries or chicken. The best thing I could say about Guy & Mae's, is that the side dishes were cheap (50 cents) and the potato salad was good. The beans were poor. The ribs are not cheap. $8.50 for a half slab doesn't sound bad, but there isn't a lot of meat on their half slab. A hearty eater would want more.

          On a repeat visit, the ribs were much better: flavorful and tender, though there still wasn't a lot of meat on the ribs. The second experience was better, but I still don't understand the raves G & M gets.

        3. what about the BBQ Shack in Paola?
          It would be worth the slight detour
          on your next trip.
          Where did you end up?