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Questions about random eastside restos...

tokyoastrogirl Sep 30, 2008 03:29 PM

I've always wondered about a few places that I just haven't gotten around to visiting and was hoping you could fill me in:

Eagle Rock- Ernie Jr's Taco House across from the Eagle Rock shopping center. What's the story with this place? It looks huge from the outside, kind of like it used to be a Denny's....and has been there ever since I moved into the area eight years ago. Anyone ever been?

Mia Sushi- went only once when it first opened and thought it was a bit on the expensive side. I guess I'm a sushi snob- only in that I want the fish to be fresh, the rice to be on the smaller side and the selection to have some variety. Anyone love it?

Auntie Em's for brunch- again, went once ages ago and felt it just served up fairly plain food. I have tried the cupcakes and yes, they are good, but what about the breakfast or brunch offerings? Any faves?

Far Niente in Glendale....was always curious about this spot. Is it authentic Italian?


  1. ipsedixit Sep 30, 2008 04:45 PM

    Mia Sushi - Same impression as you. I guess it's good for a sushi place east of downtown LA.

    Far Niente - Ok place to go after a day of perusing Glendale Galleria, but otherwise it's not very good. Everything tends to be oversauced. Authentic? Not so much, but it's also certainly not a downright red-sauce Italian joint.

    1. c
      condiment Sep 30, 2008 04:44 PM

      Ernie's Jr. is a sort of dumbed down version of Ernie's in North Hollywood, which itself is a fairly deracinated Mexican taco-plate and pitcher of margaritas kind of place. Very late-sixties in affect and cuisine, but not unpleasant given its obvious lack of ambition.

      Mia Sushi is good for the neighborhood, I guess, but nobody's idea of a great sushi place, especially given that either Studio City or Jtown is just 10 minutes away.

      I always want to love Auntie Em's, but the cooking isn't up to par - like mediocre home cooking.

      Far Niente is overblown country-club Italian cooking, not cheap, authentic of an era - the 1970s - but not of a region.

      Man - I'm being a downer today.

      1. Akitist Sep 30, 2008 04:34 PM

        Ernie's wasn't there forever. Before that it was on the other side of Colorado, before the shopping center went in. Cal or Tex Mex comfort food, back in the day. Sorry, haven't been there since....1960?

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