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Sep 30, 2008 03:23 PM

Where can you buy Halloumi in SF?

I just had another wonderful grilled halloumi dish last night; this time at Troya. Troya's version came with beautiful heirloom tomatoes and a mound of lightly dressed greens.

I'd love to prepare this at home, and was hoping someone out there could tell me where I can buy this cheese.

349 Clement Street, San Francisco, CA 94118

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  1. I've always found at at the Whole Foods in the East Bay, so I'd bet that WF in SF has it too. I'd also check Rainbow.

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    1. re: JasmineG

      I definitely saw it at Rainbow Grocery a few weeks ago.

    2. Try Haig's, worth visiting for so many other international foods also... and near you (Clement/8th). One of the SF places I miss most since moving to Oakland.
      (Sidenote: Have you ever tried frying Kasseri? So delicious... and not "squeaky" like Halloumi).

      1. the halal butcher at 24th street and folsom has halloumi, as well as a good selection of middle eastern supplies.

        Alhambra Halal Meat Company
        3111 24th St, San Francisco, CA

        1. In addition to Haig's on Clement so does 25th & Clement Produce in the outer Richmond.

          1. Cheese Plus on Polk has it too.

            Cheese Plus
            2001 Polk St, San Francisco, CA