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Sep 30, 2008 02:58 PM

Best restaurant in Long Beach

We meet friends four times a year in L.B.. After we have tried many places, we always end up at 555. We need a great place for high end dining where we can sit for 2-3 hours and hear each other. So where?


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  1. Tract's
    Cafe Gazelle
    Restaurant Koi (although it is really Seal Beach)

    1. I second Tracht's, Frenchy's, and Koi.

      I've only eaten at Delius once, but it was pretty awful. The food ranged from bland to so-salty-it-couldn't-be-eaten.

      I'd also like to add Kelly's for great steaks and martinis. I promise that it's a very nice, old-school steak house even though it looks like an Irish pub on the outside.

      Michael's is a newer Italian place. I think they may have had a few kinks to work out when they first opened, but their food is great and the atmosphere very nice.

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        I think I would go with Frenchy's. The food is great and it is relatively quiet. It is not in a flashy location. I also like Fora, a small place in Naples.

        I have also had several quality meals in Long Beach at Nico's (again in Naples) and Christy's (Belmont Heights). Both have good food, nice wine lists, feel good and are places you can hold a conversation without raising your voice.

        I have been to Michael's of Naples and the was food good, the service just okay. Maybe they have worked that out. It was fairly noisy as well. Tract's looks beautiful, some of the food we ordered was great and some so so; the service was poor enough that I am in no hurry to return.

        1. re: Ringo Gato

          I forgot about Fora! It's definitely a gem.

        2. re: teach

          In 30 years of dining at Kelly's I've yet to be disappointed. Quality service, quality food. The Prime Rib and Pepper Steak are two of my favorites. I have yet to find a Pepper Steak anywhere that can compete with Kelly's. Dinners include soup or salad, both of which are superb. Prepare to be spoiled as you are escorted to your booth. Reservations taken.

        3. Most definitely agree with earlier rec's on Tracht's.

          1. For higher end I like some of the above reccs...Cafe Gazelle may want you out, tiny place that needs a turnover to survive - Sophy's is not exactly high end, but very good - same with Koi.

            Tract's is especially good in Fall (or whatever we call this here) the patio is fantastic. I hope their green staff have gotten some seasoning.

            Im a frenchy's fan - especially if your there for awhile, the room is big and they dont seem to care. Service is fantastic and meals are always solid.

            Only 1 try at Michaels so far and it was fantastic. Tasting menu with wine pairings was (at times) spectacular - see seafood and squid ink pasta or filet with crostini. Too bad service was sloppy and inexperienced. I hope they will catch on, the food deserves it. Be warned that I have seen contrary reviews here, the food may be inconsistent.

            If its wine and some appetizers your after, or fondue, I like the Back Room at Morry's of Naples. Great wine, decent cheese and other fillers, and about as good a room as you can get without windows. Good place for a gathering.

            I would also add Open Sesame on 2nd - very good Persian/Medi food, Cristy's on Broadway is a Christy Bono restaurant that has consistently good italian in a nice room and they won't rush you.

            1. Ummm,,,,Sophy's is a DUMP!!!!

              I don't know how it got added to the list, whether one cares for the food or not (I was underwhelmed).

              There is a new Italian in Bixby Knolls, La Vineria Italiana. I haven't been yet but have heard the prices are high end.

              La Vineria Italiana
              4020 Atlantic Ave, Long Beach, CA 90807

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              1. re: mlgb

                I know that the OP was asking for high end, but I was hoping that with the move to the new larger location, that their ambiance will also improve. No, not high end, but for many, we do really enjoy the food, even if you don't.

                Sir Winston's on the Queen Mary also comes to mind for high end dining. But I haven't had the opportunity, so if any hounds have, let us know.

                1. re: justagthing

                  Well since Sophy's is still at their dump on Anaheim, it's all just wishful speculation isn't it? Perhaps you can report back after they move.

                  There are a number of good hole-in-the-wall Thai places but I don't think it's fair to recommend something that the OP wasn't asking for just because it's your favorite restaurant.

                  For atmosphere and conversation I like Cafe PIccolo, especially the patio. The food is solid if not especially innovative.

                  Cafe Piccolo
                  3222 E Broadway, Long Beach, CA 90803

                  1. re: mlgb

                    Wow! It's really sad how I have heard of so many people not enjoying their visits and postings to chow b/c of responses that were rude or condescending. I understand how they feel, but fortunately I can choose to ignore such responses. Also, I do not favor any restaurant in particular, but I do not scathe a restaurant or those that write about it. But, back to OP...have you tried any of the places mentioned with your friends? Are you only looking for places that are $$$ or is food more important to you, as well as the ability to communicate? Please let us know.

                  2. re: justagthing

                    Is Sir Winston's still open? I thought I heard that they were closing, but I haven't been to the Queen Mary in years.

                  3. re: mlgb

                    i ate there recently and as long as you order carefully you can eat fairly well. still wouldn't consider it the best restaurant in long beach.