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Sep 30, 2008 02:53 PM

LA Weekly Detour Festival (dtown)

it's this Saturday. anyway what is the food like. it's from 12 pm-12 am. what good, cheap food is walkable?

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  1. oh it's bounded by first , main, temple and spring sts

    1. I'm heading to this event too – especially excited to see Hercules & Love Affair and Bitter:Sweet! Pitfire Pizza is close by on 2nd St. Not super cheap, but very good pizza

      1. since it's a closed off event (no ins & outs) unless you're planning on eating somewhere downtown before or after you enter you're stuck eating at whatever food stands they have inside. it was pizza, gyros, etc. pretty much the usual street fair food.

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          that sux. i'd like to use the light rail. blue line to red line. hmm I'm gonna post on another forum to see what the best way to go is. maybe buy something from dtown and eat it later. apple pan in w la opens at 11.

          1. re: vivinator

            anyone else go? what'd you think of the food and music? kyochon chicken got awesome reviews from jonathan gold. well, don't think he reviewed their concert stand.

            1. re: vivinator

              I tried samples of Kyochon wings and they were good, but overall the food was overpriced so we headed out to King Taco afterwards, but the music was great. Bitter:Sweet were fantastic, I enjoyed H&LA despite the sound engineering problems, and Cut Copy put on an impressive show

              1. re: vivinator

                The no cash policy was pretty irritating....I bought some of the fresh guacamole which was good but needed one major thing- SALT! Also had a mini fried burrito which was bleh and I should have known better. Friend had the Brazilian chicken plate which I tried and thought was quite good. The music was good but I'm biased so won't get into it. Overall, I thought the festival was just ok.


                1. re: vivinator

                  I had the Kyochon finally, after hearing about it forever. WOW! I have a new addiction....but I agree with other posters, it is a little pricey. Washed it down with some soju. Mmmm.
                  After a little hesitation, I liked the cash-less card thing. First time I came across something like that.
                  My favorites were Gogol Bordello, DataRock, Afternoons, Bitter:Sweet and The MaeShi.
                  All in all, a great day.