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Sep 30, 2008 01:59 PM

Seeking Porketta ASAP

Hey all,
i am looking for a place to buy a whole porketta. I recall in the past a place on college but i totally forgot the name/exact location.

Please let me know of any places, anywhere in the city, where i can get my hands on a whole porketta


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  1. Hi There: Best porketta around is by Vincentina Meats, Concord
    125 Edilcan Drive # 125, Concord, ON 905-738-9998. They've been selling it for past 35 years or so.

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    1. re: charlened

      I agree with charlened that Vicentina Meats has great porchetta. Another one of my favourites that is tied with Vicentina is Eddystone Meats on 245 Eddystone Ave. Phone; 416-743-5601. The price is also good!

    2. They've recently surfaced at Costcos around Mississauga.

        1. re: Edith S

          The best porcetta's in the city is Tonino's Meat on Rogers Road near Keele.
          It is available only on Friday. They make between 20 -30 porcetta's a week for many banquet halls.

          Vincentina's is not a true porcetta. They make up the roast with chunky minced pork and then wrap it in skin and then roasted. Tonino's is the whole pig deboned, seasoned and roasted. yum yum

          1. re: taxed2death

            I also agree that Tonino's Meats on Rogers Rd makes great porcetta as well as good italian pork and liver sausages for that matter. However I disagree with your mention that the Vincentina roasts contain minced pork. I have too many to mention and have never had one with minced pork in it.

        2. The original comment has been removed