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Sep 30, 2008 01:29 PM

Bridal Shower in Buffalo, NY

My best friend s getting married in Buffalo. We are trying to find a nice restaurant to have a bridal shower brunch. We are looking for something with excellent food and a nice atmosphere. Do you have any ideas of a place that could accommodate 30-40 ladies for brunch?

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  1. Where are you all staying? Consult for reviews.
    Lots of places, it just depends on what you want to eat and where most of the people are from geographically.

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    1. re: houdini

      Thank you very much for the website. Most people live in the suburbs. The bride lives in Depew. Any suggestions?

      1. re: jackieparis

        I'd recommend Sonoma Grill. They do that sort of thing very well.

        1. re: houdini

          Thanks.I just looked at their website and it doesn't look very nice. We were actually thinking of the Left Bank for brunch but we may want to lower costs a little.

          1. re: jackieparis

            Left Bank is very nice - parking is a problem and it isn't in the best of neighborhoods, but it certainly is a good place. I would wonder if they can accommodate a large group -which for the size of the restaurant - your group would be.
            Sonoma is located in the Lord Amherst complex and is very nice - go look.

    2. I have brunched at the Left Bank and found the food quite good. I have friends who have had events at Le Metro at the Walker Center mall in Williamsville and they were very happy with it.

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      1. re: L_W

        Thanks for the suggestion. Someone said that Le Metro closed. Is it still open?

        1. re: jackieparis

          As far as I know. Their number is (716) 631-2725

          1. re: L_W

            Le Metro's city location (formerly on Elmwood) is closed and has been for quite some time. Their suburban location is still open.

            1. re: godeats

              FWIW, the Elmwood and Utica location is now called Mode and serves a similar menu to the former Le Metro. Haven't had a chance to try it yet....