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Sep 30, 2008 01:09 PM

Nice bars Orlando area

Looking for a nice place with good, well mixed cocktails (Daiquiris without sour mix, bitters in the manhattan, real old fashioneds as well as interesting new creations). I'm thinking maybe Manuel's on 28th, Peabody or Grand Bohemian. I've never been to any of those but figure a nice bar would be in keeping with the feel of those places. Any recommendations?

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  1. Manuel's on the 28th does not have a bar -- Harvey's Bistro on the ground floor (Harvey's on the First?) does but it's not what you're looking for.
    Neither is Peabody. Truly a disappointing bar experience -- no atmosphere.
    But the Bohemian? No there's a bar. And Ivy is a fabulous bartender. Friendly, knowing and fun. And the elegance of the Bosendorfer Lounge is, I think, just what you're looking for. most evenings there is someone playing the Bosendorfer piano in the rotunda just off the bar.


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      Primo has some neat cocktails with a lot of house made mixers.

    2. thank you both for the info. I'm making it to Disney and the Food and Wine this weekend and am hoping to sneak off just once. (I went to food and wine in 06 and was sorely disappointed)

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        One of my favorites is Il Mulino - their specialty drinks are very good

      2. Grand Bohemian
        Blue Martini

        1. Thank you for your input everybody. Definitely going to try to hit up Grand Bohemian as my wife and I have wanted to see the hotel for some time and Il Mulino is second on the list, partly for convenience. Kres looks very nice but I doubt I'll make it over there. Don't know about Blue Martini, we have one in Miami that is all scene and horrible additive filled cloying cocktails. Even if this one is good, I won't go by association. Given some exploratory time, I'll report back on my findings.