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Sep 30, 2008 12:32 PM

Manny's Steakhouse Miami

Hello fellow hounds, I was looking into reading some posts about Manny's but was not successful in finding anything specific. Does anyone have any good meals/plates at Manny's? I am going this Saturday night for dinner, I was wondering if anyone that has been there can stir me on the right direction! Thanks.

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  1. Brownies, brownies, brownies. They're amazing. I think the chops are quite good and the service is the most gracious I've ever had in Miami.

    1. I went on Sunday night. The ribeye is delicious! The mushrooms & onions side is a bit ungainly - the mushroom pieces are the size of someone's nose. We ordered the loaded mashed potatoes but were brought the hash browns loaded (not actually a menu option). They were great! I didn't take the leftovers home though because they are a heart attack waiting to happen. The Chilean Sea Bass with lemon & capers: the capers were actually in pieces of butter (just a warning), and there were not nearly as many capers as I would have liked (it looked like maybe 8 in the two chunks of butter).

      The maitre'd was very polite, the bartender greeted us on our way to our table, but our waiter was extremely rushed and sort of rude - I was disappointed because I brought my parents for a special dinner. But they had a good time and were very impressed by the food, although the waiter bothered my mother.