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Sep 30, 2008 12:09 PM

Individual Treats for my class (65 people)

Hi! I want to make some individual treats of some kind for my class - there are about 65 people in it. I was thinking something along to lines of cookies or *maybe* muffins to give them before midterms next week or something individual desserty when midterms are over....

ANY ideas (& recipes) would be greatly appreciated. Ideas that are easily to make a lot of and transportable are key! Thanks!

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  1. If someone had given me a homemade chocolate chip cookie after my midterms, I would have been eternally appreciative. Make the recipe circling the internet, 6 per cookie sheet, and leave a few extras for yourself. They're easy to make (I just use AP flour and have rested the dough for only 24 hours) and easy to transport. You could wrap them in parchment or just bring them in a large container.

    1. How about brownies? They hold up well to transport and since they're made in a 9x13 they're less hassle than dozens of cookies - although if you do cookies I'd suggest a soft ginger cookie - the recipe doubles easily, they're seasonal and they also hold up well. If you'd like either recipe I can post... Btw if you make the NYT recipe leannabe suggested - it'll take awile to make 65+ cookies since you're making them 6 at a time...the recipe is a must-try but time consuming imho particularly when you're looking at making treats for so many people.

      I'd suggest whatever you choose to package them in the clear goody bags that they sell at craft stores - 100 for about $5(at my local Michaels last night with the halloween bags/tins).

      HTH :)

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        Yeah, it wasn't until later that I realized how many shifts you'd need to make 65 cookies. But they're so good!

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          I wouldn't have given it much thought either but I bake every Monday for a volunteer group and cookies are a fave but nights when I don't have a lot of time I make bars - nanaimo, brownies etc because I can make them a lot more quickly.

          I'll definitely be trying those cookies though - just not for a crowd :)

      2. Pretzles dipped in chocolate - who does't love sweet/salty. wrap a few in small clear bags. Or peppermint bark, yummm. Actually Paula Deen just made this white chocolate/pretzels/peanut bark that looked fantastic and easy.

        1. Go into Epicurious and find the recipe for double ginger cookies. Reverse the proportions of butter and shortening, respectively, add a few grinds of pepper, and if you've got the time, chill the dough overnight. It's a great autumn cookie.

          1. one of the biggest crowd pleasers and also very easy to make are seven layer bars or nanaimo bars. however, now that i think about it, as i type it, with 65 people, you're bound to run into some nut and/or dairy allergies, so if you made a few batches of these, maybe make at least one without the nuts (or do so for all...).

            fudge is easy to make, and a little goes a long way. you could do a few different flavors.

            for before the exam, you could make a few large bowls of trail mix (nuts, granola clusters, chocolate chips, mini pretzel sticks, etc.) and just pass out dixie cups for people to serve themselves without contamination of the bowl... and if you want to have some post-exam snack too, that would be your call.

            for pre-exam muffins, try oatmeal flax muffins with some added protein...