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Review: Campo's, Philadelphia

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I know a lot of people already know about this place, and don't need a recommendation from me, but Pat's was a bit far from where I was staying, and many people told me to go to Campo's anyway....fortunately, Campo's was only 2 blocks from my hotel......Niiiiice!!

Campo's serves cheesesteaks cut from actual Rib-eye, and the quality of the meat is something that I can attest for--it's not your average "shaved steak" that would normally be bone dry. Quite juice, actually. Served on a nice (Cassone?) roll.

I am a cheesesteak purist, so I got Steaks with onions and Whiz......mmmmmmm!!!!

The wife, usually a more dainty eater than me thoroughly immersed yourself in culinary goodness with original and a pizza steak.

Best time to go in is around 9pm to close. :)

Campo's, where the locals go, indeed!

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  1. They are frequently out of seeded rolls by 9PM (at least in my experience)