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Sep 30, 2008 10:31 AM

The Best Brooklyn Bar/Restaurant or Restaurant w/ Outdoor Space

Looking for the Best Brooklyn Bar/Restaurant or Restaurant with Outdoor Space (garden? patio? rooftop? deck?) to throw a 5th Anniversary party in Park Slope, Fort Greene, Gowanus, Red Hook, Dumbo, Columbia St. Waterfront, Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill, Boerum Hill or Prospect Heights. Any ideas? Somwhere with awesome appetizers/tapas might be nice.

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  1. Frankies 457 has very nice outdoor space and excellent italian food - ICI and Osteria Convivium are also possibilities as is the Moroccan restaurant FEZ on PPW in Windsor Terrace, which has a nice tented outdoor space.

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      ps since this is Brooklyn Specific you would get much better response if you posted on Outer Boroughs, which has more traffic than this Board, which is for all of NYC.

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        They have recently changed names - but they are in Red Hook next to Six (or is it Five ) Points Brewery...

    2. I agree with Frankies 457. I got married there and it was perfect. They have a carriage house that can fit about 50 and the whole space (I think) can do up to 90. The food was amazing.

      Here's the other places we considered since we were looking for the same:

      Bacchus - Atlantic Ave
      Alma- Columbia Street
      Pacifico - Pacific
      Jolie - Atlantic

      But I selfishly really think Frankies IS the best. :)