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Sep 30, 2008 10:06 AM

Need Steakhouse with private room for civilized bachelor party

A friend is getting married, and we are past the stripper and Vegas trip style bachelor parties, how sad.
Anyway, he just wants a great meal, preferably steak, in the city at a restaurant with a private room. We will likely be a party of about 20 or so. This is a group that can eat and drink with the best of them, and an equal amount of wine lovers and scotch types, willing to spend up to 200 a person, maybe more for the right place.
I noticed that Sparks and Keens both have private rooms, never been to either but know their respective reputations. Party will be in early December, late November.
Any suggestions??

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  1. Check out Del Frisco's. 48th & 6th I believe.

    1. You could also look into Patroon. I've not been but my husband went to a 'civilized' (well, so they said) bachelor party there a couple of years ago and had a nice evening.

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      1. re: MMRuth

        Del Frisco 's does a great job, if Vin doesnt mine me pulling on.
        If you're planning on Late Nov/early Dec, you might want to get on it sooner v later, thats prime XMAS party season for midtown. If there are any XMAS partys this year!

      2. Morton's..I've always had private parties there....
        551 5th Ave (entrance on 45th St.)
        New York, NY 10017

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          But the steaks at Mortons are wet aged and decidedly mediocre and are among the most expensive of all the NY steakhouses.

          Keens has a bunch of private rooms and has great dry aged steaks and also good lamb chops and the mutton chop. Plus if you are a bunch of scotch drinkers, they have a very impressive list.

        2. Because you asked, I would definitely not recommend going to Sparks.

          I've been to a private function upstairs at Peter Lugers - the small room up there seats about 30 if I remember correctly. That would certainly get my vote.

          For a more modern and 'civilized' atmosphere Porter House has a private room where a friend of mine held a great private dinner with great results.

          1. Keen's Chophouse. Great private rooms (of all sizes). Very efficient catering department. I've held many b-parties there, all successful.