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Sep 30, 2008 09:18 AM

OnlyBurger in Durham-- anybody tried it yet?

This is the latest venture by the former Starlu chef. Basically, he is selling huge burgers and fries out of a catering truck parked at various locations that changes every few days. He will be at the corner of Guess Rd. and Carver Rd. today through Saturday. Here's their website for more info.

I plan to go by for lunch tomorrow and will report back but if anybody gets there before me please provide a review.

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  1. Thanks for the find and looking forward to the report. I really liked the burger specials at Starlu and will be excited to check the truck out.

    1. My wife and I went last weekend when they were in front of the Dollar General store. She really enjoyed her burger, and I thought mine was pretty good (we both got singles with cheese), and the fries were very good we both thought (lots of pepper, very tasty). Of course, the burger was well done since it's in NC (I prefer medium-rare or rare), but it was a tasty burger. The main issue was that it took much longer to get the food than I would have expected, but they are just getting started.

      1. I tried Only Burger today at Guess/Carver. I ordered the single with all the fixings and fries. The burger was very good, and mine actually had a little pink to it. I like burgers medium so that was okay. The fries had been sprinkled with black pepper and had a good taste however they were a little greasy and in small pieces. The order of fries is big, so you could easily share them with someone else. I agree with the other poster. It was a little bit of a wait, but it probably seemed that way because you are standing there outside waiting and it was busy. Thank goodness it was a nice day. In the end, the wait was worth it. I could see someone vertically challenged having a problem reaching the ledge at the ordering window. I would eat there again.