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Sep 30, 2008 09:10 AM

Best Vancouver Dim Sum?

My husband and I will be in Vancouver in two weeks and we want to have outstanding dim sum. We were told that Sun Sui Wah is one place to go. Any other ideas?

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  1. If you are willing to drive to Richmond, then your dim sum options really open up - Sea Harbour, Shanghai River, Sun Sui Wah, Kirin, Shiang Garden all serve very good dim sum.

    In Vancouver, Sun Sui Wah on Main St and Kirin on Cambie St are the usual suspects.Red Star is very good.

    There are so many options - others will post their favourites soon.

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    1. re: fmed

      You pretty well captured it for Vancouver -- Sun Sui Wah and Kirin. Richmond is the new modern Chinatown so offers many choices.

    2. Floata restaurant in Chinatown has pretty good Dim Sum..mostly seafood..huge place upstairs..loved the seafood vs. beef and pork options.

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      1. re: Beach Chick

        I'd be interested to know what recent experiences have been of Floata. My partner had a disastrous work dinner at Floata which was so bad the event organizer is banned from organizing work events for life. Curious if it was a one-off or if the place has slid.

        1. re: lunchslut

          banned for life..that must of been one hell of a disastrous event.
          our driver at Sutton Place who was Asian took us to Floata and he stated it's where his family and friends was very good with tons of seafood options but I only dined there once..maybe we got lucky that day.

          1. re: lunchslut

            I wouldn't recommend Floata to someone who is wanting 'outstanding' dimsum.
            In my opinion it is pretty average dimsum .. and from what I remember of my last visit was that it was very greasy. But thats just me !

            1. re: jmil

              I've had a number of bad experiences at Floata, mostly due to poor service. Floata's dim sum is nothing to write home about. If you're lucky enough to sit close to the door where the carts come out, then it's a decent experience. Otherwise, the food's usually lukewarm by the time it reaches other areas of the restaurant.

              1. re: im_hungry

                I've also had persistently lousy service (even by dim sum service standards, which are fairly low) at Floata, to the point where I avoid the place. They seem absurdly understaffed. The dim sum is OK.

        2. Pink Pearl in East Vancouver. It's at East Hastings and Clark. Last time I was there, they still had the little carts where you can pick and choose what you want. Reasonably priced, too. Shiang Garden is rather expensive..

          Most dim sum places will have a discounted happy hour type thing in the early morning. Top Gun and Neptune in Richmond do this, and are quite good.

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          1. re: hophop

            Here are some of my choices
            Prince, Happy Valley, Shiang Garden, Gingeri, Jade, Gala, Top Gun

            Chinatown has some good dim sum places too other than Floata. Mind you it's not upscale but it's good old fashion dim sum.

            1. re: gourmet wife

              If you want to stay within Vancouver proper (that is, not venture out to Richmond), our go-to dimsum place is Golden Ocean 2046 W 41st Avenue near West Boulevard (604) 263-8886. The food is always fresh and hot (despite being delivered on carts, which I admittedly enjoy) and the prices are excellent (you even get 20% off if you arrive before 11 am!). I daresay the quality is on a par with Sun Sui Wah (our second choice for within Vancouver dimsumming, although it is more $$ and often suffers from lukewarm cartitis), albeit with fewer "unusual" seafood choices.

              I have yet to try Red Star so can't offer a comparison there.

              PS I haven't been able to get the Link function to work since the changeover on Chowhound, but Golden Ocean is in the Kerrisdale area of Vancouver and I've provided the address above for your Googling pleasure. Good luck and let us know when you dim sum!

              1. re: gourmet wife

                "Chinatown has some good dim sum places too other than Floata."

                Gourmet_wife, would love to hear your favourites -- haven't had good dimsum in C'town since we were kiddlies.

                1. re: grayelf

                  grayelf: there's one on Pender, it used to be the vegetarian restaurant before the fire. Now it servers both vegetarian and regular dim sum. Another one is on Main Street, above Ten Ren. Again, forgot the names of them. Both are quite inexpensive and fairly clean the times I've gone. Although it has been almost a year now...........

                  Note these are old school homestyle type of dim sum. The ones at the more upscale places are more refine. You can't really compare them together because they are different styles. These places remind me of my childhood which could explain why it's good =)

                  1. re: gourmet wife

                    I don't know how old you are, gw, but I bet it's the same kind of old school ds I was introduced to and loved as a child myself :-). If you happen to find out the names, I'd love to know them...

                    1. re: grayelf

                      grayelf: not to give away my age but let's just say that when I was enjoying the old school dim sum........ Kirin, Imperial and Sun Wah didn't exist until just before highschool graduation ;-) Anyone remember Penninsula or Dynasty at the New World Hotel??

                      1. re: gourmet wife

                        Fair enough -- perish the thought that I would reveal another woman's age, even inadvertently :-).

              2. re: hophop

                HopHop is right...a very experieced Dim Sumer...probably from HK!!! I like Pink Pearl as well, but always try to get there so I can sit at the centre where all the tray dolleys come and go....if you are a tourist or not sure of yourself, often the staff try to seat you in the good buddy.

                There are many dim Sum stores in Vancouver, but i have found Pink pearl to be consistently high in good quality food, hot, and rvery easonably priced...and i am talking about +/- 20 years experience.

                1. re: Highlander1

                  Another Pink Pearl fan here. I've been derided by some of my foodie friends for liking the Pink Pearl, but I've been going there for decades and they do a good job.

                  It's very old-school, but that's exactly what I like for yum cha.

              3. Doesn't anyone ever go to Fortune House at Metrotown? The dim sum is excellent and the place is always packed (and its a huge place).

                1. My personal favorite of all of them is th Imperial it is not cheap they have valet and dont go before noon then all the dishes wil come fast and furious. the quality is the best for my taste. Floats you get lots of mediocre food shanghai river is a hit and miss depends on who is in the back. sun sui wah is better in richmond than on cambie.

                  the two things i pick restaraunts is by how it taste and