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Sep 30, 2008 09:05 AM

What should I have for lunch.. Winter Park..

I'm needing some new places to eat at for lunch. I work around 17-92 and Orange. Any ideas? I usually do black bean, gabriels, chipotle and random fast food. Can anyone suggest new places around the area? Also how is Ravenous Pig for lunch, can I get outta there under 12 bucks?

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  1. You can get in and out of the Pig for under 12 bucks for sure. Not much under 12, but under nonetheless. Paco's is great on Fairbanks, although I don't know if they're open for lunch.

    1. Eden's right by you is good for a salad. The Red Fox in the best western across from houstons has a pretty good lunch. There is a new deli place before urabn flats on the same side of fairbanks that i heard is good. Thai place on Park Ave isn't bad called orchid. Kata has a good sushi lunch. it's on Pennsylvania. Also Fuji has a good roll special for lunch. Pr's as well.

      1. RP has several items right around $12 or under. Lobster Tacos, burger (beef or lamb), salads and some starters. Menu is online to check out ahead of time.

        fsupilam33 is thinking of Strollo Cucina Due It's pretty crowded at lunchtime, so allow plenty of time or go early. Hopefully they'll get some of the menu items on the website soon. The parking lot is small, it's the original Dexter's location.(Dexter's WP has a nice lunch!


        Brooklyn Pizza on Fairbanks has good pizza, salads, calzones. It's before you get to Paco's if you are coming from 17/92

        Virgin Olive Market has good soups, salads and sandwiches. You can get to it by heading down Harmon or Minnesota and turning right on Clay.

        Tony's Deli is at 17/92 and Virginia, great Middle Eastern food!!
        1323 N Mills Ave
        Orlando, FL 32803
        (407) 898-6689‎

        Logan's Bistro is on Virgina, has always had great food and has some tables outside to grab a quick bite.
        802 Virginia Dr, Orlando, FL - (407) 898-5688‎

        Lombardi's Seafood has a (seafood based) soup bar if you just want to grab something quick.

        Good luck!

        1. You could also drop down to Corrine and visit Bikes, Beans & Bordeaux, a pleasant little sandwich and salad shop.

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