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Sep 30, 2008 08:58 AM

Burritoville's green salsa?

With the closing of burritoville, I'm jonesin' for the spicy green salsa. I know it had tons of jalapenos, but anybody have any ideas what else was in it or how to replicate it?

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  1. I don't recall the specific salsa, but it was probably a tomatillo (salsa verde). You can buy variations of them in most grocery stores, esp. in Whole Foods or a Mexican market. Just look for tomatillo. Let me know if you find a good one!

    1. Wait... they *all* closed?

      Does anyone know why?

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        I thought I saw one open just the other day - maybe in the Hell's Kitchen area, or a little south of there?

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          Burritoville is definitely dunzo. Here's a link listing each location (including two in Hell's Kitchen) as "closed". Their website redirects to the Google Home page when searching in Google. They all closed without warning mid-September; details of the cause are basically non existent. Noche Mexicana has a better salsa verde than the one they served. I will miss their red taco sauce but before it got watered down.

      2. Defintately tomatillos - I 'm not sure, but they may have been roasted and then skins removed. I know for sure the tomatoes used for the regular salsa were roasted before being pulverized. Here's a good article. http://www.nytimes.com/2008/09/20/nyr...
        R.I.P. Burritoville michele cindy lynn

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          Thanks for the link. I must have missed this article. I am not a big fan but, as the article stated, it's a great night place when there are less options and you are craving chips, guac, sour cream and salsa. I only order the nachos and flautas, the latter of the two were especially good. I'm guessing they may be re-evaluating their position and possibly re-opening a couple of stores. Hopefully, the one on W72nd will re-open but with a new Chipotle down the block, I realize this is unlikely. Although we may not have appreciated it, I feel it was probably wise of them to keep quiet about the details behind their demise. I also think it was interesting that even the workers were unaware. WOW!

        2. I didn't eat there often but always made a point to hover near the chips & salsa and iirc, the green was pretty simple and didn't include tomatillos - I never paid close attention but I think it was along the lines of jalapeƱos, onions (white onions, I gather a major Cal-Mex preference over yellow). lime juice and salt. The red used roasted tomatoes (so the ingredients poster said) but I don't remember seeing it and I never noticed little bits of charred anything in it....

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            in this case "it" being the green salsa....

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              Hi Mike - In keeping with CH protocol, I need to mention, I am related to the former owner/founder, and I am not in anyway affiliated with the present company. There were 2 green salsas, the recipe may have been changed after the new owners took over, but I do not think it was. Here's what was in them. the mild had - oil, chopped onions, garlic, jalepenos chopped, lime juice, vinegar, salt. The spicier, green salsa used tomatillas, jalapenos chopped, cilantro, onion chopped, lime juice, & salt. The red salsa was made with roasted tomatoes which they roasted daily on the grill.

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                Hmm, that's interesting - I didn't didn't know that/when it changed ownership, but I never noticed 2 green salsas; but then I didn't eat there often generally and would've only been half paying attention to something like that. I was always sorry they didn't use serranos, but that might've been too much for too many people or something...

                Personally, I'll really miss their black beans which were some of the best I've had but found that only-brown-rice thing a major deterrent where "meals" were concerned.;)

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                  the beans had chipolte chilis, beer and epazote plus some other stuff.

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                    The brown rice was a major downer. Loved the veggie chorizo -- better than many meat presentations I've tried. Don 't remember two green salsas, but there was one type (chipotle?) that I absolutely loved.

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                      The green salsa I gave the ingredients to above is better described as a super finely diced relish, it's not sweet, and is more dry, but it kind of has that consistancy.

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                        It's funny, I never really gave Burritoville credit for their salsas until they were mentioned on this thread. But the flavors were really complex -- at least in retrospect. I now remember the fine green relish you describe -- quite delicious.

            2. I loved Burritoville. It sucks they closed down, thanks to the giant Chipotle, with their 4 item menu.
              The White Chicken Chili was my favorite. Any ideas on that recipe? My girl thinks she figured it out, but I was wondering if anyone had some input. Thanks
              RIP Burritoville

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                I can't give exact details, but these are the primary things you need,
                garlic, oil, onions, chilis, cumin, bay leaves, browned chicken, white beans, chicken stock

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                  what about the red taco sauce? what did they use? i didn't like the salsa there but the red taco sauce was great before they began watering it down over the past few years. THANKS!

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                    That's one I don't know. If it is what I am thinking it had chipoltles. The regular red used roasted tomatoes.

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                      thanks!! that makes sense as i love chipoltles, and roasted tomatoes much less so. i remember reading your post about the roasted tomatoes above and just shaking my head in agreement as in, "Oh, that's the reason I didn't like that salsa." thanks again.