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Sep 30, 2008 08:49 AM

McPhee's Grill in Templeton

Many thanks to all of you who posted on this fabulous place. We dined there earlier this week and it was excellent. They start you off with a plate of marinated veggies and a basket containing several different kinds of breads. We had the grilled artichokes (superb) and the duck quesadillas. Everything tasted so fresh and zesty!

My main course, the smoked and then grilled double cut pork chop, was one of the best I have ever had. We were too full for any dessert. Nice wine list of mid-California wines. If in the area, this place is worth a special trip.

They tell us they are opening a new place in Avila Beach where Mulligans used to be.

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  1. Too bad you had to skip dessert. The sundae is to die for- ask for both the homemade caramel AND hot fudge, served with chopped macadamias- mmmmm it's TO DIE FOR!! glad you had a good meal.

    1. Today's newspaper says "details have yet to be finalized", but that Ian McPhee is partnering with Rob Rossi to open a new restaurant "near" the golf course., by the ned of this year. The article is nebulous and could be interpreted several ways. It states McPhee is expected to partner with Wendy Wickstrom, exec chef at the Cove which adjoins Mulligan's, in offering winemaker dinners.

      Rossi is also talking with McPhee about a bistro to open next summer on Front St. in Avila Beach, several "blocks" away from the golf course location. All I can say is, with Rob Rossi, you never know. It could be later rather than sooner.