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Sep 30, 2008 08:12 AM

HELP! Place for intimate surprise party for dad's 50th!

Hello all! I'm in need of some recommendations! I live in Houston and my sister and I are planning a surprise party for my dad's 50th birthday! We've decided to do it in New Orleans and my mom has made arrangements to secretly get him there under the guise of a romantic getaway and the plan is for her to take him to a restaurant for dinner on saturday night where they'll be escorted to a private room, the doors will open, and SURPRISE!

The only hitch in our plan at the moment is where should we do this?!?!?! Because it is out of town, we're looking at only having about 25 guests, most of which are family and some close friends. My parents will be staying at the Inn on Bourbon Street, so ideally we'd like something in that area. My dad's a big fan of cajun food or BBQ, so any of that would be ok. We don't want anything TOO fancy, but I think in terms of a budget, $50-$75/person (including beer/wine - unless we find a place that let's us bring our own?) is about what we're looking at.

Please share your thoughts! Or if you have any questions comments and would like to contact me personally, my email is

Thanks so much for your help!

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  1. Commander's is your place. Ralph's on the Park is another good option. Neither is in the quarter, but they aren't hard to get to.

    1. Tujaque's in the FQ - ask for the private room, would be perfect for this.

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        It's just too bad their food isn't any good.

      2. Herbsaint has a largish back room. August has a penthouse for private parties it is pricy but very pretty.

        1. In the FQ: Cafe Amelie, Arnaud's or the Napoleon House should suit your needs. Personally, I like the food at Tujagues.