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Sep 30, 2008 07:48 AM

Chinese in DC

Can't seem to find any good Chinese food - what's your favorite?

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  1. The good stuff is in Maryland or VA and you can search board for recs. But if you provide your location recs could be made for passable neighborhood places.

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        You might want to tell the Board where you've already tried and more exactly what you're looking for -- and do a little more searching on here, too, this is a very popular topic. There are a couple szechuan places that CHers say are good in DC, and one or two Cantonese(?) places in Chinablock (Full Kee eg). I used to say there was no good Chinese around here, but after going to a couple places in the suburbs I'd eat my words. You can metro to, say, Wheaton if transportation is the issue.

    1. For my money I frequent Sichuan Pavilion at 1814 K Street, NW. Consistently tasty food, comfortable space and solid service.

      Menu can be found here:


      1. Is City Lights still open in Dupont? Last time I walked by it during dinnertime it looked closed.

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          City Ligths is open. Don't like their food that much

        2. My favorite is Meiwah (in Foggy Bottom/Dupont)