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Sep 30, 2008 07:35 AM

new spot for Julian

We went camping this weekend and on the way home went to a new spot..Jeremys On the Hill in Wynola,which is about 8 minutes from Julian. We had a terrific breakfast there,stuffed french toast, eggs with prosciutto and asparagus,the best blueberry pancakes. Their lunch and dinner menu looked equally as tasty,and they have a piano player Fri and Sat night.. A much better place than those in town. Its right on 79,big sign.. They also have a sparse website now..

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  1. Is this at that kiss of death spot? It was Tom's Chicken forever and then a number of closures and other restaurants have been there.

    1. Is Wynola that little cross-roads with an Antique store, a Julian Pie Company, a post office, and a food store?

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        Wynola is the wide spot in the road with the Orfila Tasting Room and candy factory on one side of the street, and Wynola Pizza Express on the other. If I'm not mistaken (and if it is where Tom's Chicken was) it is directly across the street from them. Hopefully this will be better than the other places that have come before it, and therefore get some business. The food in Julian (other than pie) has been rotten for years. That Miner's Diner even manages to screw up burgers and milkshakes, and that's pretty hard to do!

        I think the spot Beth is thinking of is Santa Ysabel, at least that's where the Julian Pie Co. is.

        1. re: Alice Q

          "I think the spot Beth is thinking of is Santa Ysabel, at least that's where the Julian Pie Co. is."

          You are right. The corner of 78 & Wynola is a shortcut to the Banner grade without going through Julian.

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            Though in general I agree with Alice's assessment of non-pie dining in Julian, the Julian Grille does rise above the "awful" line. I'd say they were in the "pretty good" category (overpriced a bit in my opinion, but I imagine the economics of running a restaurant in Julian are fairly tricky). Caveat: it has been over 3 years since I've dined there, so things could have changed.

            1. re: RB Hound

              No ..we had dinner there(Julian) on the Friday night at the Italian place.. It was so marginal.. This was definitely three marks higher.. even though it was breakfast.. I would imagine lunch and dinner very good..ok not outstanding.. but higher marks than in town.. it was THE best breakfast any of us.. all foodies.. had had in Sd and out..

        2. The food on the website looks delicious (in spite of their blurriness) but they don't have any more information about what they serve for breakfast/brunch that I could find. Since I wouldn't eat anywhere else in the Julian area unless I had to, I'm debating on whether to spend the gas to get there. Maybe a motorcycle ride out there is the solution...

          They need to take a weekday and just work on the website, though...

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            yes when I started looking them up there was no website.. It seems they have put this together quickly..