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Sep 30, 2008 07:31 AM

Sex and the City party

I'm a latecomer to the Sex and the City fanfare, but nevertheless I find myself hosting a SATC movie party next weekend, and I need food suggestions. Cosmos, obviously, but what else was on the quartet's menu? What shall we eat with our cosmos? Thanks!

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  1. They ate alot of chinese food and breakfasts. Big would make veal parmesean for Carrie. And Charlotte made Harry brisket. Samantha made Smith some sushi, but only ended up throwing it at him. Man, I need to get a life.

    I'd go with Italian with my cosmos or a nice manhatten. Have fun.

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      Charlotte also made challah bread. Carrie made bad cheese fondue for Big once. She tried to bake a pie (apple?) for Aidan, but I think she dropped it on the floor. I can also recall the characters eating pizza and cupcakes (not at the same time). I have a lot of useless information in my brain.

    2. These won't go with Cosmos but I recall Carrie finding "the best brownies in New York." Cupcakes, too.

      Miranda attended Weight Watchers, which just like in reality was next to a Krispy Kreme.

      Crudites could substitute for raw food from the restaurant where Samantha meets Jerry Smith (Smith Jared).

      Definitely Chinese food, You could serve it in small takeaway containers with chopsticks.

      Omelettes, fries and grilled cheese seem to be what they ordered most often at the coffee shop but kind of a nightmare for party food.

      Cosmos, cupcakes and Chinese food translate to party fare pretty easily so I'd stick with those.

      1. In the movie, sushi, champagne, guacomole dip (and Mexican food in general) figured prominently. Chocolate pudding too.

        1. Thanks for all the great suggestions. I think I will make some Chinese food -- I had forgotten about Miranda's habit. And even though it won't go, why not try my hand at the best brownies in the world?

          But remember the episode where they were sharing dessert (per usual) at Payard and they had a discussion about how ridiculously expensive the desssert was, and how they loved being single and unencumbered and free to spend however much on a slice of cake? Anyone know what they were eating then?