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Sep 30, 2008 06:58 AM

Places to eat in Baltimore Region that handle large parties?

Looking for suggestions on places that easily handle large parties like 15-20. I know most places are going to charge extra for a group over 8. But trying to find a place, that I wouldn't have to rent a private room. (or spend a ton of money before anyone actually eats anything)
Any suggestions would be nice.


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  1. There are a LOT of places that can handle this request. Are you looking for any particular style of cuisine?

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      Something not to specific on one cuisine. I guess American would be the best description.

    2. One dependable option would be Pazo, which has private rooms (no rental fees) and set menus that are fairly reasonable:

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        Try Juniors Wine Bar in Federal Hill. 410-727-1212. I recommended it for a friend's bachelorette party and got back a positive report. They especially liked being able to continue the evening in the neighborhood.
        It's not very expensive, lively enough to sustain a celebratory mood, and they can accomodate biggish parties like yours.

      2. I used to take my aunts and uncles to Liberatore's in Timonium each year during the Christmas holiday season. There would be about 15 or so people. We were given a lovely dining room to ourselves. The cuisine was creative, but not outlandish or trendy. The service was impeccable. FoiGras

        1. If you are thinking Italian you have Sotto Sopra & Pazza Luna, Mexican think Mari Luna. What kind of atmosphere are you thinking about?

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            Does Sotto Sopra have enough space to seat 15-20 people together? FoiGras

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              I'd think Mari Luna might have a hard time with that big of a group.

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                Tio Pepe's in Baltimore (Spanish cuisine) has private rooms