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Sep 30, 2008 06:45 AM

Lunch Dive or Swank for One Day SF Visit?

I"m coming up to SF for a wine tasting event on a weeknight (Tuesday) October 14th. Meeting my friend from Seattle. We have the day to ourselves and would like to hit the city and find a great lunch place. Would love favorite lunch suggestions....anything from most loved dives (any ethnic food ok) to super swanky sexy afternoon food experiences are welcome.

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  1. Eddie Rickenbackers. Love the dive.

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    1. re: sflegs

      Tell me about it. What kind of food? where?

    2. I'd "do" the Ferry Building . . . caviar and Champagne at Tsar Nicolai . . . oysters at Hog Island . . . and either Slanted Door or something from Boulette's Larder you can sit outside and enjoy . . . .

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        Hi Zin: Wanted to let you know that we did indeed "do" the Ferry Building....and it was fantastic. The Tzar Nicolai caviar and champagne tasting was lovely. The Oysters at Hog Island were incredible. I think we fell in love there.....thanks to your suggestions. :)

      2. You can't win on dive or swank especially if your friend is from Seattle and you're from (LA?).

        Given that, I 2nd Slanted Door, and would add Tadich Grill or Zuni. Those are places you won't get in Seattle or LA., although perhaps similar. Also, I don't think the super swanky lunch thing is as big as in LA. There are however a million lunch dives...figuring out which one, that's another deal. I'd go to the Mission for a burrito or Yamo (Burmese).