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Sep 30, 2008 06:41 AM

Bushwick? Any recommendations?

I am a Boston (Somerville really) Chowhound. I am bringing 9 family members (age range 1.5 to 62) to Brooklyn to visit with family in Brighton Beach.

We have an apartment in Bushwick for Friday and Saturday night. We would like suggestions on good places for breakfast and snacks and maybe dinner on Friday night.

We are driving down so we will have wheels.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. There's Il Passatore (which is technically Williamsburg I think). It's faily new and gets good reviews. Then there's Northeast Kingdom, which is OK. Personally I don't think it's special. Other than that- there are tons of tiny mexican joints and chicken places, but none that I know that are exceptionally good.

    1. Bushwick is not flush with restaurants, but it's a short drive to Williamsburg. Are you amenable to driving there?

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          here are bushwick spots that i have been wanting to try:

          Tortilleria Los Hermanos
          271 Starr St.
          Bushwick, Brooklyn, NYC

          Below is the chow link and i think it got ny times review.

          Also this pizza spot got a times review as well:

          Life cafe provides decent brunch but williamsburg will have a lot more options. Good luck!


      1. I'm a big fan of Tortilleria Los Hermanos. Their various pork tacos are particularly good, though I've noticed that the quality can get a bit dodgy when there's a long line.

        Roberta's is alright, kind of expensive; their crust is chewy and makes my jaw ache, andI have heard they are no longer byob.

        Northeast Kingdom is decent for brunch, good croque monsieur/madame, nice ambiance. Eating there always makes me feel a bit uncomfortable.

        Life Cafe is also ok for brunch, cheaper, but I would avoid eating anything else there.

        It is probably too far from where you will be staying (technically in Ridgewood), but Cafe Concert, located on the corner of Stockholm and Seneca, is a friendly, family business that makes a solid sandwich. Their cubans are particularly good. Cheap breakfast options too.

        As others have said, there are a number of Latin American restaurants in the neighborhood, some of which are probably good, and some of which are definitely bad.
        This topic has a few less obvious recommendations:

        Anyway, if you stumble upon a hidden gem, or some such during your stay, definitely post it. There is a real paucity of information regarding Bushwick restaurants on Chowhound.

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          Roberta's is far and away the best eating to be had in Bushwick. The owners, servers, cooks, etc. are all fantastic and innovative, and it is really one of the only places experimenting with flavor combinations in the area. The hen of the woods mushrooms are killer, I have never been such a sage-believer, and in the summer the arugula salad and green and white arugula pizza are standouts. These guys are making it happen.

          There is also a new coffee shop off the montrose L called Boulevard that has good, cheap baguette sandwiches and a killer beet and goat cheese salad that can be a whole meal.