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Sep 30, 2008 05:14 AM

Oktoberfest: where to enjoy...

Here in Westchester there are a number of restaurants and taverns (there used to be quite a few more) that put out the German dishes complemented by some good seasonal brews...
One of the local places I like to visit in October is Joe's Quarry Inn, Tuckahoe...their menu will include a daily dose of wursts and sauerbraten.
Where else do you recommend...Where can you find this authentic stuff to take home these days in your area?

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  1. We went to the Oktoberfest at Bear Mountain State Park last year and the food was really good. I know it isn't a restaurant, but if the weather is good, I highly recommend checking it out - although it is mostly brats and wienderschnitzel, and probably not more traditional dishes like sauerbrauten and such.

    1. I've not been there, but wonder how you'd do at Jennifer's in Yorktown Hts... anyone out there can help?

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        I've been to Jennifer's a few times--the food is ok, but, imo, overpriced for what it is. Interesting that in the linked review, which is 9 years old, entrees were up to $22. For a little more than that in 2008, I recently enjoyed a very good soup to nuts meal at the Black Forest Mill restaurant in Highland Mills (half hour drive from Jennifer's). Complete meals include soup, a very good salad, terrific housemade cole slaw and german potato salad for the table, a main course (I had decent schnitzel a la holstein), a vegetable (I had fabulous housemade braised red cabbage) , a starch (I had very good, again, housemade, spaezle) and dessert and coffee.

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          Thanks for the report on your Jennifer's experiences, and for Black Forest Mill suggestion as an option (I think it's a bit further drive than 30 minutes, but who knows!). Maybe Traveller's Rest in Ossining has something???

      2. From the Valley Table email:
        October 2nd: Octoberfest at 121 Restaurant & Bar
        121 Restaurant, North Salem
        Featuring International Oktoberfest Beers, Hard Ciders, Seasonal Wines and Spirits, Classic & Contemporary Foods for the season. For more information, call (914) 669-0121 or check out

        1. Mackenzie's Grill Room in Old Greenwich is not in Westchester (but its close) and its not a German tavern either, but every year they do a great Oktoberfest menu for month of Oct. Exit 5 from I-95 or take train, its practically next to train station. I look forward to it every to this year's menu

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          1. re: CTgüera

            Oktoberfest starts September 18th this year. Has anyone heard what's going on in Westchester to celebrate & enjoy? I've found lots of stuff going on the city but wishing there were some local options as well. thanks

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              Have not found any local places yet- usually you can find at least a special menu for a week. Here is a link including the Putnam and Bear Mountain Festivsals, as well as a few other things coming up in Sept.:

              Mmmmmm Chowderfest.......