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Sep 30, 2008 03:46 AM

Beef Ribs.

Where oh where can I find Barbecued beef ribs (NOT pork or baby back)? I believe they're "beef back ribs" and they are around 6 or 7 inches long. I used to get them from Tony Roma's, but Romas is long gone. Somebody help. Thanks!

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  1. Stricken, in what area are you looking (i.e., Dallas, SA, Houston, etc.)?

    If Dallas, the beef ribs at Big Al's on Inwood are very good.

    1. I would say good but not very good at Big Al's. One night a week it's some kind of deal on either beef or beef and pork ribs...check their website.

      Kelly's Eastside in Plano also does beef ribs, I believe their special is either Monday or Tuesday night. Their pork ribs were pretty outstanding, I haven't tried the beef ribs yet but would like too.

      And of course there's always Louie Mueller's in Taylor ;)

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        Unfortunately I would have to disagree wth you, Luniz, on the pork ribs at Kelly's Eastside I went on Friday before Texas OU and it was not their special of the night but I decided to get the half slab of pork ribs, just to give them a shot.

        First the ribs had very little if any smoke flavor.....maybe they are just grilled over a mesquite/hickory fire?

        My ribs ,eventhough I could go either way wet or dry, were half and half. The side that was dry was almost burnt to a crisp and needed more seasoning (salt, pepper, maybe garlic powder...a good dry rub would change my mind). The half that was wet needed more sauce and I asked for more. I really enjoyed the sauce as Kelly's looks like they put some time into making it. It was definitely not bottled.

        I got some pretty atypical sides for my ribs mashed potatoes with cream gravy and grilled zucchini ans squash. These were good as I rarely have mashed potatoes anymore. I also had the grilled zucchini and squash...they were good just perhaps needed a bit longer on the grill to take the slight bitterness some squash and zucchini have when undercooked.

        I enjoyed the sides more so than the ribs, fortunately for me I had been smoking two pork shoulders from Sam's Club for the Texas game. I hickory smoked them for about 10 hours and they came out perfect, also made a NC vinegar style sacue and NC mustard style sauce. I preferred the vinegar style sauce as it cuts through the fat of the pork and gives a nice tang with a bit of pepper heat. So needless to say Kelly's Eastside pailed in comparison to the pork shoulders I smoked. Maybe better luck next time.

        1. re: LewisvilleHounder

          Yea I took my sister Sunday morning for an early lunch and I was pretty disappointed. She got the brisket, I got the ribs and sausage combo. They had definitely been finished either on a grill or even in an oven. I am pretty sure they have a smoker but maybe they don't get there are 4 in the morning to start smoking like they do in Lockhart. Anyway the brisket was tender but nearly smokeless, the pork ribs were fairly burnt/charred and also not smokey. The sausage wasn't bad but wasn't particularly good either, much finer ground than I like.

          So from now on maybe I'll stick to Kelly's on days that the ribs or brisket are the specials, and go back to searching for something that lives up to my high standards. I won't be holding my breath though. I hope to give Randy White's a try sometime soon.

      2. Okay, I googled to make sure I had my directions and found this place mentioned, but you have to make this road trip if you love beef ribs. It's called Big Smith's BBQ and their specialty is AYCE beef ribs Thurs-Sat. It's on Hwy 54 between Sulphur Springs and Lake Fork. It's pretty country and you gotta see this joint. The stuffed animals are everywhere and they've been up there so long the hair's coming off. Tabasco bottles from decades past line the celing. This is a dive! with dinosaur meat! Pack an extra artery and go for it. This is a little less than 100 miles from Dallas.

        1. County Line (from Austin) is located off I30 with great views of Lake Ray Hubbard. It's next to the Bass Pro, so there's plenty of parking. Their beef ribs are among the best I've ever had. Very meaty, with deep flavor.

          Sammy's in uptown occasionally has them.

          Cowboy Chow in Deep Ellum had them on the lunch menu, and will feature them on the dinner menu when they begin serving dinner later this year.

          1. I've tried the beef ribs at Big Al's. I always thought they were very good until I had the beef ribs at Louis Mueller's BBQ in Taylor, Texas. I don't eat the beef ribs at Big Al's anymore.

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            1. re: twinwillow

              Twinwillow, I absolutely agree. I was just trying to give the original poster an option in the DFW area.

              Unfortunately for those of us in this area, if we refused to eat BBQ that was not on par with that of Central Texas, we would never eat BBQ in Dallas. I am not quite ready to make that sacrifice.

              1. re: DFWGuy

                A big, "thumbs down" for BBQ in Dallas.