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Sep 30, 2008 03:01 AM

Dinner for 18 in North Sydney


I'm after some expert & learned advice on finding a place for 18 people to eat.

We've got a big family gathering in early November and want to find a good, fun, not too expensive restaurant in North Sydney.

Any suggestions?



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  1. Sea Treasure Crows Nest. Get a private room. We have all our family gatherings there. You can also book a private room for Yum Cha

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    1. re: goopee

      Sea treasure recently got pinged to the tune of $10,000 by the NSW food authority on hygiene issues. I don't know if i'd want to go there. If you're after chinese perhaps yings would be a better option.
      Garfish in both Kirribilli and crows nest could be suitable. Consider also somewhere like Pino's in crows nest - hardly haute cuisine, but cheap and cheerful Italian with an upstairs area for larger groups.
      For a family shindig you might also consider going to somewhere like the oaks and grabbing yourself a section of the outdoor area and dyi bbq or alternately the pizza place in there (if it still exists?). The commodore hotel also has a nice eating area (although I haven't eaten there in years).
      A bit pricier but certainly value for money used to be Milsons - believe that is still of a pretty good standard...
      Ummmm... or you could try the Burlington which has thumbs up in both AGT and SMh food guides in past month.
      Note: North Sydney (in fact the north shore) isn't known for its interesting culinary locale!

      1. re: kmh

        The Oaks used to have private rooms upstairs, some with balconeys.

        1. re: PhilD

          i haven't been there in years but weren't they all converted to pool rooms?

    2. Catalonia in Kirribilli - really good tapas, not too expensive and a good wine list - you could take over the whole upstairs or patio