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Sep 30, 2008 12:18 AM

favorite Bubbie's flavor? (Honolulu, HI)

Aloha kakou,
Just came back from a visit to Bubbies (University and King St) and I had the chance to try some new flavors. My new favorite is the haupia (coconut) with chocolate chips. It was almost like eating a creamy macaroon with a generous dose of chopped up chocolate chips. My previous favorite flavor was champagne.

My friend also let me have a bit of her guava sorbet-mochi..... SUPER delicious! The tropical flavor was really prominent; some of the other mochi ice creams (like azuki or tiramisu) is a bit too subtle for me. Bubbie's mochi ice cream is different than the Mikayawa creations, as the mochi layer is much thinner which means a little bit more ice cream. I actually prefer Bubbie's version, because you get to savor the ice cream more.

I feel obligated to visit Bubbie's more often, in order to keep up with their rotating list of ice cream flavors. Do you have a favorite at Bubbie's that you would highly recommend?

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  1. I like their cantaloupe ice cream when in season, very fresh with a nice melon flavor, not overly sweet either. My standby when nothing appeals to me is the strawberry cheesecake ice cream.

    1. Chocolate /Espresso: espresso ice cream surrounded by chocolate flavored dark brown colored mochi

      1. mmm.... bubbiesss

        if you're into green tea ice cream. i think they have one of the better green tea's. regular ice cream and mochi. otherwise, my usual is oreo.

        1. I love their mochi ice cream - last trip there I had guava, lychee and lilikoi ice cream. I also remember liking their cookies and cream ice cream and their (moet?) champagne sorbet.

          1. I always get one lychee mochi, one passion mochi, one chocolate dipped raspberry mochi. usually I'll get one other mochi to complete the 3 for deal (because the chocolate dipped ones don't count); often these are seasonal flavors, examples I can recall are cantalope, pumpkin, french toast. I never get the regular ice cream, but I once tried someone's chocolate Jack Daniels and it was amazing (which is saying a lot since I don't like whiskey or chocolate ice cream).