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Sep 29, 2008 11:06 PM

Indian Curry in Manhattan? Tastiest, thickest, greasiest

I'm looking for a super casual place to eat for lunch or whatever that serves the best Indian Curries in Manhattan, anywhere. (im new to nyc, and only tried Polash in Harlem, and it was pretty good and thick).

"Best" may be the tasters opinion from my experiences... my definition/or what im really looking for (may not be the most traditional, or "your moms home cookin" if your south asian) is the most rich, thick, greasy, unhealthy, spicy, salty, smokey curry with accompanying tender cooked chicken/lamb etc.

I have some indian friends back home, and some of them have a preference in "cleaner" more watery and blander tasting curry places and say the places I usually like (that are heavy, greasy, thick, salty, etc.) are not what traditional indian cooking is really like. But, I really like the death curries ;)

So please offer your tips of the best, thickest, saltiest, tastiest, fattiest, unhealthiest, casual,hole in the wall,mom n pop, Indian curry places you know about

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  1. I know you said Manhattan and im not sure if this restaurant has a Manhattan location but in Jackson Heights, Queens, there is a restaurant called Kebab King and the curry you described fits the description of their Chicken Makhni. Its not the usual Punjabi style recipe you see at most restaurants. Perhaps they have a location in Manhattan?

    1. Try pakistani cuisine. Most places charge 6-8 dollars a plate of chicken or goat curry.

      Cuisine of Pakistan on 9th ave.
      There are 2 places on 29th street between 5th and 6th avenue.
      Kabab grill on 6th ave between 7th and 6th.
      Sirtaj on 26th street.

      The curry is not too spicy though.

      Get a kabab too for 2 bucks. The kababs are pretty awesome

      Personally I find the food to be better than run of the mill Indian holes in the walls. Maybe someone can tell me otherwise.