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Sep 29, 2008 10:30 PM

Best burger in D.C.?

My friend and I have been recently inspired to find the best burger in D.C., so lay it on me!

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    1. The post rated the Burger at Michel Richard's Central as the best burger in DC.
      I've had it. Very good

      1. If your including Arlington in your burger search, the answer to your question is undoubtedly Ray's Hell Burger in Rosslyn. Hands down the best in the area.

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        1. re: CoconutMilk

          +1. I recommend going at off-peak hours though as it can get very crowded.

          1. re: CoconutMilk

            I have been twice now and continually crave it for weekday lunches. This is a great burger at a great price, with wonderful artisan cheeses and a large selection of toppings. A lot of people are saying that it is "prime beef" (including this month's Washingtonian, who stated, "...the burger wars are over" for the second time), but on the sign in the restaurant it says nothing about prime beef, it states "select beef". I did not bother to ask, as the burger was so damn good it didn't really matter anyway.

            The Washingtonian also noted that Richard is opening a burger joint in the near future so maybe Landrum will have some competition, but at the moment it doesn't seem like there is any.

            1. re: sekelmaan

              I had a burger last night at Ray's Hell Burger and it really was delicious. I did get it Au Poivre and it was really peppery. The peppercorn crust is quite thick and takes an enjoyment of pepper. Next time, I wouldn't get that on it because it overpowered the great taste of the meat. Also, the burger (10 oz) is HUGE and there is no need to get mac and cheese or another side. Last night, I had a mac and cheese craving and it was really good so i don't mind but i wouldn't get it again. My suggestion is similar to what I have seen from others on these boards... keep it simple. the sherry sauteed mushrooms and grilled onions are really good but they add their own flavors. The Heck sauce is very good but adds its own flavor. The garlic is good but also with its own distinctive flavor. If you keep it simple to enjoy uncluttered tastes, it may be about the best burger you have ever had!

          2. So, flame away, but i stand by the burger at Charlie Palmers as the best in the city. Always perfectly cooked, with your choice of fancy cheese, on a buttery brioche-type bun. the fries there are also fantastic.

            1. The burger at Saint Ex is pretty damn good. Also decent, though not quite as good was Good Stuff Eatery.