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Sep 29, 2008 10:12 PM

Blue cheese=crazy dreams

Had blue cheese dressing last night, homemade with Point Reyes blue cheese, and had the craziest, most vivid dreams.

Here's a link that agrees with me:

Have you had similar experiences?

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  1. Garlic does the same thing to me. Real problem because I can't take the dreams but love the garlic.

    1. Almost always have crazy, vivid dreams after eating any sort of Asian food. Wake up either laughing or shaking my head with a "WTF?"

      1. It mentioned that on the wiki under stilton. I ate it on purpose in the evening to see what would happen but nothing- I seem to always have crazy dreams so nothing different.

        That is very interesting though!

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          Freud wrote about a patient who, after eating gouda, would have recurring dreams in which she was standing in front of a windmill while wearing wooden shoes.

        2. Veeeerry interesting.

          I wonder if there is any sort of medical literature that talks about the effect on dreams of eating spicy or pungent foods, of which blue cheese is one. Thinking along the lines of how food intake -- or even smells -- affect brain activity and neurochemicals, endorphins, opiates, cannabinoids, that sort of thing. I'm sure there's something out there.

          1. I could have sworn I heard about a study conducted in Europe (England maybe), where they tested cheese and it's affect on dreams. Groups of people would get a 2 oz piece of cheese 1/2 before bed and then the participants would have to record what they remember right when they wake up. Some cheeses were more influential than others and one cheese if I remember correctly, caused a good portion of people to dream about dogs. I forget the actual conclusion but I'm pretty sure it was to do with the protein (casein) in dairy as it digests slowly in your body giving it fuel in the night.