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Sep 29, 2008 10:08 PM

Anything decent in Glenwood Springs?

I'm headed up to Glenwood Springs this weekend with a couple of girlfriends for a Girl's Weekend. I did a search, but wasn't able to find much about places in Glenwood. We would like something nice, but not too upscale or expensive (preferably under $20/entree). We're open to pretty much any cuisine, although my one friend really doesn't like Asian food. Anyone have any recommendations?

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  1. Le Rendezvous is OK. Had one really good meal there, but last time was only so-so thanks to a crappy steak. The BBQ place on the other side of I-70 is not bad if you don't mind Bible tracts with your meal. Best bet may be Glenwood Canyon Brewery.

    1. I've never been to the Italian Underground, but friends who go to Glenwood every year always have dinner there. People seem either to love it or hate it. In the unlikely event that a girls' weekend includes a bunch of carnivores, Juicy Lucy is a good bet.

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        I second Juicy Lucy's which is right across the street from the Amtrak station. And they have an outstanding wine list (even more outstanding when you realize its in Glenwood Springs) and good micro brews on tap.

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          Actually, I'm pretty sure we're all meat lovers. ;-) Sounds like that might be a good choice.

          If we decide to take a leaf-peeping drive down towards Aspen, anything (reasonably priced) that we might find down that way?

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            This is a pretty good time of year for "reasonably priced," because many restaurants have 'tween-seasons specials. Pick up the free local newspapers and look at the ads. There are three towns between Glenwood Springs and Aspen: Carbondale, El Jebel and Basalt. Carbondale and Basalt have nice downtowns with attractive restaurants. Less expensive places, incl Mexican/Tex-Mex, are scattered in/near some of the shopping centers along Colorado 131.

        2. Probably a little downscale(okay, a lot downscale; it's a dive) from what it sounds like you're looking for but Taqueria el Nopal has pretty good food although when I've been there, they've been too busy to keep the tables cleared.

          Another downscale joint is Vicco's Charcoalburger--it's mainly a drive thru but there is some seating outside. Also a very busy place, but the burgers, fries, and rings are worth the wait.

          Anyone been to Mojito's? Glenwood Springs seems an unlikely place for a Cuban restaurant. I've been wanting to try it, but the last few times I've been in Glenwood Springs have been on Sundays and they're not open on Sunday.

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            And no longer open on any day. That location seems to have had a string of well-regarded restaurants that haven't lasted too long.

          2. Thanks for the help! I did some searching on Basalt and Carbondale and I like the looks of Ella, six89 (probably at the bar), and Tempranillo, so we may try one of those. I'll probably let my friend (the picky one) take a look at menus and see what she thinks. And of course, I'll check out the free papers and see if we see anything better!

            We might check out the taqueria or burger place for lunch on Sunday, so I'll definitely keep those recs in mind.

            Will report back with results!

            1. We ended up with two very good meals this weekend. My friend chose Tempranillo in Basalt for dinner on Saturday night after looking at menus online. She saw they had chicken piccata and she really really wanted chicken piccata, so that was that. Service was ok. We made a reservation, just in case, and arrived to find that they didn't have any two-tops available, which I thought was a little odd. We were given a choice of a four-top or the community table instead, and we chose the community table, which was nice, although in the bar. My friend was actually happy about that, since she was able to watch the Brewers game during dinner. Our waiter was mediocre. I asked for a wine suggestion, telling him that I don't know much about spanish wines but that I'd like a white and I usually like Pinot Grigios and Sauvignon Blancs. He proceeded to tell me that they have a Sauvignon Blanc and a Pinot Grigio, although the pinot was from Italy. Gee, thanks. I ended up with the Sauvignon Blanc, but he was no help at all with my wine choice. They attempted to give our salads to the gentlemen sitting a few chairs down, at first, and we had to tell them who ordered what when it was delivered, which seemed strange for a finer restaurant, especially when there were only two of us and it wasn't that busy anyway. The food was pretty good. My friend had the Mediterranean Salad, the chicken piccata, and tiramisu, and was very happy with all of it. I tasted her tiramisu and thought it was just ok, but I'm a bit of a tiramisu snob. I had the Beet Salad (very good), the rack of lamb, and the molten chocolate cake. The lamb was excellent, and served with some roasted peppers, and oddly, "Spanish" fries. I'm not sure what was "Spanish" about the fries. They were good, but very average french fries, and not what I would expect as a side with a $30 entree. The molten chocolate cake was tasty, but could have used a scoop of ice cream or some whipped cream with it. Overall, a decent experience, but not what I would call fantastic. I would most likely go back, but would prefer to try other places first.

              Thanks to the iffy weather on Sunday, we decided to skip our planned outdoor activities and just drive around for some fall colors viewing before heading home to Denver. We briefly walked around Aspen, but decided to head back up to Carbondale to find somewhere for lunch. Driving down Main St, we saw Ella, and I remembered that I read here that they had an excellent brunch, so we decided to give that a try. A great decision! Our server was decent, although very soft-spoken and difficult to hear, even though the restaurant was not that loud. She dropped our check before asking if we wanted dessert or coffee (which we did), but she did ask without us having to say something. My friend had an omelette and said it was excellent. I tried her side of roasted potatoes, and they were yummy. I had the crab melt, which was very good. I chose the parmesan fries for my side dish, and they were worlds better than the fries the night before. As good as our entrees were, dessert was even better. I had the chocolate souffle, which was exceptional (and DID come with a scoop of ice cream!). My friend had the blueberry-peach cobbler. I tried a bite, and it was just as good. Two thumbs up for Ella!