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Philippe's offering 10¢ Sandwiches!

Next Monday, October 6, in honor of its 100 anniversary, Philippe's is rolling back prices to those listed in 1918 (the year of its founding).


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  1. Now that's a deal! Thanks for the heads up!

    1. So the lines will be 100 times longer than usual in honor of the anniversary. Thanks for the heads up, but I'll pass.

      I was an English major, but isn't 2008-1918 =90 years?

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      1. re: Professor Salt

        Sorry, Professor. I was a math major, but should've taken more English classes.

        The original post should read that 1918 was the year that the French dip was (supposedly) created.

        Philippe's was indeed established in 1908 ...

        1. 1 Sandwich per customer/ Forgetaaboutiiiiittttttt!!!!

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          1. re: Diana

            It seriously might take you over three hours on line for the 10 cent privilege and also if I'm not mistaken it will only be offered during the limited hours of 4pm to 6pm. So I guess you can bring plenty of reading material or schelp your laptop and a chair and work from there.

          2. Even at $.10, its not worth the the long line for a crappy sandwich.

            1. Actually I can't wait for Musso and Frank to have a birthday celebration and sell their steaks and chops for a couple bucks instead of the $35 to $40 it's at right now.

              1. Did any CHers go to this event and line up for a 10 cent sandwich?
                Let us know what the experience was.

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                1. re: selfportrait93

                  I was considering it but the news radio coverage said that thousands were lined up so I bailed on the idea!

                  1. re: sel

                    Me too, it would be fun to say you did. But then again I didn't really have the time to waste away the better part of a day for the privilege of devouring a 10 cent sandwich, and since it would not be enough to fill me up, and they only allow one per person (per their rules for the afternoon?), I'd probably down some chili, a pie, a soda, maybe a couple of sides, and I'd probably still be back up to a ten spot.

                  2. re: selfportrait93

                    One of my neighbors went - he said he had an hour and a half wait.

                  3. I wonder if some of the people who waited 2 hours realized they were making a Whopping $2.50 an hour waiting for that 10 cent sandwich?

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                    1. re: malibumike

                      Bah humbug. It's all part of history, people. And you only received 1 sandwich for 10 cents. You could buy as many as you liked but they were charging normal prices.

                    2. Well I made a tidy profit off of that. I stood in line for two hours, bought my one sandwich for ten cents and sold it to the person at the back of the line for 20 cents. I think they should consider me for a key government position like Secretary of the Treasury in the next administration.