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Best of Polish/ Roncesvailles

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I'm sure I've buggered up the spelling of the street, but where would you recommend for a Polish food neophyte in that area?

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  1. My preferred place has always been Cafe Polonez. I've never been disappointed.

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    1. re: hungry_pangolin

      I agree about Cafe Polonez - I have been to several of the others and found them substandard. And I am Polish-Canadian, and my screen name bigos is actually a Polish stew of cabbage, saurkraut, meat & sausage.

      1. re: bigos70

        Cafe Polonez is fantastic.
        If you want to start with something sweet, go to Granowska's for paczki, delicious, airy doughnuts filled with rosehip jam or poppyseeds and almonds. I can't get enough of them! Best in the city.

        1. re: mummy2Luna

          Try Mozart, as well.
          Cafe Polonez is best for the starches, perogies, potato dumplings, crispy potato pancakes, etc.
          but I prefer the meat dishes at Mozart.
          The others on the strip are forgettable.

          1. re: erly

            do you mean Chopin?

            1. re: hungryabbey

              Chopin of course

            2. re: erly

              Cafe Polonez also makes a great soup. I don't remember what it's called, but it has a clear, red (beet?) broth, little dumplings, and fresh dill. They've made the dumplings with mushrooms for me instead of meat.

              1. re: thought_for_food

                The soup sure sounds like borscht.

      2. Starapolska is quite the experience. The Flaczi (tripe soup) is tasty. Polenez is good. The deli with a short name that begins with W (Wadja?, Warmia?) has good paczki and sausages.


        1. It is worth checking out Inter Steer. Their chef is the the nephew of the Polish owners. He trained at Susur, but is doing a lot of Polish food. He is an excellent chef and the value is amazing.

          I also live and die by the take-out counter at Super Kolbasa.

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          1. re: grilledcheese

            Sounds like Polenez is the right choice for my untrained palate. Thanks for your help!

            1. re: ziggystardust

              I forgot to ask, what is the price range?

              1. re: ziggystardust

                Not at all expensive. Of course, it depends how much you drink (they do have a good selection of Polish beers), but I'd say about $35 to get yourself stuffed and well watered. Save room for the apple cake!

          2. Yes, the spelling is a long-running challenge.

            Some years ago, a cop on the beat encountered a dead horse blocking traffic on Roncesvalles near Dundas. He took out his notebook and pencil, studied the corpse for some time, grabbed the horse by two legs, heaved it a few feet to the north, and made the following entry in his report, "Dead horse, Dundas south of Bloor."

            True story. I don't lie standing up or sitting down.