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Sep 29, 2008 06:59 PM

Panamanian Food

Anyone know of a Panamanian restaurant in Miami?

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  1. I haven't been there, but Las Molas has had some write-ups:

    10910 W. Flagler St. Phone 305-221-8833.


    You may want to check to see if it's still there before driving out... I didn't find anything current.

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    1. re: karmalaw

      I am the old Las Molas Restaurant owner. The restaurant has been closed since 2004. I moved back to Panama in 2006, and I now own the chain of restaurants Gabbys Bar and Grill. ((3)Panama, Boquete, David, Chitre, Santiago). Hope to see you all when you come down to visit Panama!


    2. Las Molas is only Colombian cuisine...I have been searching frantically for a Panamanian restaurant as well. If I find anything, I will let you know!