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Sep 29, 2008 06:57 PM

Birthday dinner in Hollywood for 16 y/o and friends

My daughter is celebrating her 16th birthday and is asking me to find a cool restaurant in Hollywood to bring a group of girlfriends for dinner. Doesn't need to be high end, just something with atmosphere and good food. Any suggestions?

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  1. 25 degrees could be fun for them

    somewhere that's kind of celeb-y like dolce might be worth considering

    and if they like sushi (and you want to spend the $$), katana or the kress...

    1. I'm gonna toss Beso out there. It's eva longoria's restaurant, very trendy right now, fun atmosphere... Worth a shot. Every time I'm there, it's wall-to-wall tables full of girlfriends.

      Another more low key option is the new Loteria grill on hollywood. Very casual but fun.

      1. Watch MTV on a Monday night, or hit their website. Make sure you have a barfbag at hand, and watch an episode of "The Hills." See where they go, make a reservation, and check the credit limit on your charge card.

        1. What about the Porch restaurant at House of Blues? It's fun, sceney (although not really in a celebrity way), and it won't kill your wallet. Or Saddleranch Steak House, it's on the Strip, and they have a mechanical bull (although I think you have to be 18 to ride it). Or Universal-on weekends, the stores are open late, so everyone can walk around. And there are many medium priced places to eat. Or Hollywood and Highland? There are lots of restaurants, but I'm not really sure what 16 year olds are like these days. They might think that's lame.

          1. KatsuYa?

            Me, when I'm in Hollywood, I usually end up at Moun of Tunis, or someplace really low endy.

            Or Lucky Devil's.

            But I don't think my spots would work.

            I bet they'd like the House of Blues.

            she'd find more sceney places outside of Hollywood, like in West Hollywood (Mozza, and such) Beverly Hills (Spago, Cut and so on)

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              Moun of Tunis is a great idea. Unusual, casual, sit-on-couches-and-get-messy-eating-with-your-hands-fun. And it won't break the bank. (I'm not sure that "cool" to a teen means somewhere they'd go on "The Hills," but I could be wrong.) If they're into kitsch, taking in Thai Elvis impersonator at Palm could be fun. And El Coyote is always popular with the teen birthday crowd. I'd vote against Loteria Grill. Expensive, loud, kinda "weird" for teens, and still having issues with service.