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Terroni's it is..

My daughter has spoken, and Terroni's it is. Heading there on Saturday night. First visit, I understand they do not take reservations? We will be heading from Yorkdale(Shopping) to Front Street(Hotel). Any reccommendations on which location? Review of restaurant?

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  1. Adelaide location. More hip!

    1. Which location are you going to? I enjoyed my time immensely at the Adelaide resto... the Queen Street locale left much to be desired.

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        The food at the Queen Street location is better.

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            The food at Queen St. West is consistently disappointing. It's much better at the other two locations.

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              Queen street location WAS very good but trailed behind in quality after Adelaide opens. May be the best cooking staff relocated to the new location?

        1. Just make sure no-one wants a substuitution on their pizza or cheese on certain pastas. Terroni does not do such things...

          My friend went there with her parents and boyfreind. They get Terroni to go almost weekkly but this is one of the first times tehy ate in.. the boyfreind ordered the Calebrasi pizza which he gets all of the time... this one though had different sausage on it which he was sure was salami not calabrasi.. he was not keen on the taste so asked for some hot peppers to spice it up.. Of course they refused because of the "integrity" of the chef and the pizza... Even though the switched the meat for something that did not taste anywhere near what they usually serve... they argured with the manager, returned the pizza and swore to never go back..

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            Did he ask for the hot peppers to be on the pizza when it was made? I can't see them refusing the hot peppers on the side - they provide them with all pizzas... and they're great!

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              Hmmm... maybe I am mistaken about the ingredient.. either way they lost clients that probably spent $50 a week there as their business is down the street and they order take out all the time... Managers comment: "But you get food here all the time?" Freinds comment: "Yes but we take it home and can put whatever we want on it butI guess your chefs integrity is more important to you then your customers?" Manager: ...Silence....

          2. Do recognize that the no rez policy means you'll probably have to wait... Terroni is almost-always busy (especially at Queen). This isn't necessarily a big deal, but it's good to be prepared.

            ODG's caution about substitutions is also good to remember. Here's an article on the same:

            Despite these potential annoyances, I'm a huge fan of Terroni. I almost always go with a pizza but don't have a clear favourite. Interesting Italian wine options by the glass. And the molten chocolate cake thingima that they bake in the pizza oven is fantastique.

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              i am fond of the location on Balloil Ave (on yonge st -south of st clair) yes they can like the soup guy on sienfield, but the food is good and the wine selection is vast.

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                Balmoral Ave to be exact. It's one really loooong block south of St Clair. I work near there but haven't made it down yet. Thanks for reminding me.

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                The Adelaide Street location does take reservations but I can't recall if it is only on certain nights or only for larger groups...perhaps someone else knows?

                I second the flourless chocolate cake, my favourite dessert in the city.

              3. My husband ended up booking space at Terroni's on Adelaide last Saturday - they take reservation at 6pm. Very cool atmosphere... Food is consistent and delicious. The only thing is he called that afternoon to confirm the numbers and they have NO RECORD of the reservation. Good thing he checked because they did reserve us a time - we were able to get a table in the nook down in the "dungeon" which was great for our party of 10.

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                  I've had good luck with the nook you're referring to, walked in a couple of times with a group of 8 to 10 on a Friday night around 7:30 and been seated there immediately - not that i recommend it lol, reservations are preferable, but i really like the space for a larger group - its cosy and you've got your own little area - plus we had a really great waitress the last time we went and she patiently explained all the ingredients to a few of the non-foodie members of our group

                  The no-subs rule is a bit of a pain, I understand about how they want to preserve the integrity and all, but being Muslim, I can't eat pork, and they put prosciutto on practically everything (the waitress even sympathized with me) and so if its the matter of leaving OFF one simple ingredient that they just throw on top of the dish rather than substituting an ingredient, you'd think they'd be a teensy bit more willing to accomodate their customers - I think it'd go a long way in terms of goodwill.
                  That said, I could live on their spaghetti al limone and so I continue to go there ;)

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                    If you plan to wait an hour for a line up, Saturday is the worst for Terroni, better to go late sunday night.

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                      amen! (lol) apple_pie! I hear you re: subs! (I totally get the integrity of the menu thing too... but it's bit authoritarian. Allergies, religious and political views should be respected or they should put items on the menu that respect these food choices.) My friend is a vegan and the only thing he could eat was one of their very basic pizzas - no appetizer (butter, cheese, meat, etc.), no dessert, just that pizza... He would have ordered an app if they had been more accomodating but they did relent and offered him one of the veggie pizzas (hold the cheese! But it wasted alot of time because the waitress had to run back and forth 3 times to check with chef on whether or not the menu item in question was vegan... This probably took about 20 mins on this busy night. )

                      Spaghetti al limone is awesome.

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                        So Terroni has no "create your own" pizzas, is this correct?

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                          This is correct. They only require the "of J" part of you.

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                            I spent much of last night reading reviews of Terroni on the web. I was quite stunned at how far they take the "no substitution, no modification rule." The server could be standing right beside you, happily grating fresh parm on your mate's dish, but should you ask for a sprinkle of parm on let's say your seafood dish, they will flatly refuse. It's almost comical.

                            1. re: Brain of J

                              Certainly doesn't seem very hospitable.

                        2. re: Apple

                          Exactly, I can see how subsituting ingredients and coming up with your own combinations can be seen as interfering with the integrity of their dishes but leaving off a topping for one of the aforementioned reasons shouldn't be as big of a deal...i have a lot of vegetarian friends and they had a hard time finding any appetizers they could eat.

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                            My wife loves the spaghetti al limone, and we rarely ask for substitutions anyway, so the substitution policy hasn't been an issue for us. Having said that, I suspect the substitution policy is as much for the convenience and efficiency of the staff as it is for the "integrity" of the dishes. I imagine it's a lot easier to run a kitchen if you don't have to worry about substitutions (especially when you're as busy as Terroni seems to be).

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                            I went to the Adelaide Terroni with a lactose-intolerant friend, and they happily agreed to bring us a salad to share with the cheese on the side (for me) so they seem to be somewhat inconsistent with their rigid rules.... Do they only apply to pizza perhaps? Other than that time, I've never tried to stray from the menu.

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                              well, we tried with some of the apps as well...i think the zucchini florets, which were completely vegetarian except for the fact that they throw prosciutto on top...they wouldn't budge - I'm impressed that they budged on the cheese and offered to serve it on the side...

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                            Do you mean they only take reservations if it's 6pm or later? I've only been twice. The first time was when they were on Victoria St. I went with my mother and we really enjoyed the food and the atmosphere there. My second visit was to their new Adelaide location and I went for lunch with a friend. It was incredibly busy. Our server seemed challenged with all aspects of my order (pizza margherita and a glass of white wine). She brought me red wine and then I had to wait ages for her to bring me the correct white wine. She also forgot what I had ordered in terms of food so the order went into the kitchen separately from my friend's and her meal came first. She had finished eating by the time I got my food. Needless to say, I wasn't too impressed with the service on this visit and the pizza didn't seem as good as on my previous visit. I'm considering returning again but on a Saturday night pre-theatre. We usually go early, 5:30 pm, which I'm hoping is early enough on Saturday night to avoid any wait to get in.

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                              From what they told us last week, they only take reservations AT 6pm only - they say it's because they can't guarantee turnover of the tables.

                          4. Okay, your penultimate post...

                            In your shoes, if daughter wants Terroni then that's where I would take her.

                            In your first post I had suggested L'Unita because of its relaxed yet upscale atmosphere. Much like Zucca, but better, in that regard. A prettier room, a more special feel to it, definitely hip. Zucca's food is still superior. They have pizza if that's what you're seeking and homemade pastas. The wines are exclusively Italian and Ontario. Some may consider that limiting. I think it's right on the money for the cuisine they serve.

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                              Zucca is our fave, but have had friends that enjoyed LV, is it that bad?

                              1. re: spine64

                                It isn't bad if your friends liked it. The whole point of the CH exchange is "to each their own", oh and I like to add "take a penny, leave a penny". My experiences were so bad they ruined the good moods we all walked in with. We had to ignore the poorly-prepared mediocre food, the incorrect food orders, the incorrect drink orders, the cold drafts, and the service (after all the service was ignoring us), and focus on conversation. Not exactly a congenial atmosphere.

                                Who knows? The roulette wheel may spin in your favour.

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                                  Well, should have heeded your advice. After much anticipation, ended up at La Vecchia. What a mistake. Reservation, not found, constantly told by host he would take care of us, shuffled to small bar area, elbow to elbow. Not a comfortable atmosphere. I can live with a busy restaurant, but things went downhill from there. Ended up being sat near front window, very drafty, coats required. Waiter never made eye contact, made off the cuff suggestions, had to request bread.
                                  I guess after a long day, it is easy to be irritable. After our food arrived, we all sampled each other's. There was definitely no standouts.
                                  All in all, left feeling not so special. The host's taking care of us consisted of nothing, my daughter charged for each refill, fish special dry, not one iota of a follow up. Paid top price for a mediocre experience.

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                                    I'm soooo sorry that happened to you. It sounds exactly like what happened to my friends and I more than once. In their complete disregard for their clientele, the staff also like to keep the back door open. That way they may remain cool while navigating the room to the detriment of their patrons. In other words, there's no such thing as a good table.

                                    All I can say is it happens to all of us at some time. Recently for a friend's birthday where the bd girl wanted Italian, I put Il Mulino, Coppi, and Zucca on the table. She picked Era Ora. What a gawdawful time warp experience that was!

                                    If she's still in town Tuesday, why don't you treat her to a foodie walkabout at the St Lawrence Market and finish up at one of the nice restos nearby? Anything purchased at the market would be fine in the trunk in this weather.

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                                      Googs, have you been to Coppi lately? That too has gone significantly downhill, at least for us, and our party of 4 others. Albeit it's almost a year ago, but we could not believe how horrible the service and food has slipped. We used to love the place. I posted about it shortly afterwards. With all due respect, and I haven't been to Era Ora but I really can't imagine it being much worse than our evening at Coppi.

                                      1. re: millygirl

                                        I dunno millygirl. Did your server follow one of your guests out the door to bum a cigarette off of them?

                            2. I love Queen West but have found the Adelaide location that much better - Awesome!