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Sep 29, 2008 06:45 PM

Terroni's it is..

My daughter has spoken, and Terroni's it is. Heading there on Saturday night. First visit, I understand they do not take reservations? We will be heading from Yorkdale(Shopping) to Front Street(Hotel). Any reccommendations on which location? Review of restaurant?

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  1. Adelaide location. More hip!

    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. Which location are you going to? I enjoyed my time immensely at the Adelaide resto... the Queen Street locale left much to be desired.

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        1. re: NovoCuisine

          The food at the Queen Street location is better.

            1. re: paper_bag_princess

              The food at Queen St. West is consistently disappointing. It's much better at the other two locations.

              1. re: Food Tourist

                Queen street location WAS very good but trailed behind in quality after Adelaide opens. May be the best cooking staff relocated to the new location?

          1. Just make sure no-one wants a substuitution on their pizza or cheese on certain pastas. Terroni does not do such things...

            My friend went there with her parents and boyfreind. They get Terroni to go almost weekkly but this is one of the first times tehy ate in.. the boyfreind ordered the Calebrasi pizza which he gets all of the time... this one though had different sausage on it which he was sure was salami not calabrasi.. he was not keen on the taste so asked for some hot peppers to spice it up.. Of course they refused because of the "integrity" of the chef and the pizza... Even though the switched the meat for something that did not taste anywhere near what they usually serve... they argured with the manager, returned the pizza and swore to never go back..

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              Did he ask for the hot peppers to be on the pizza when it was made? I can't see them refusing the hot peppers on the side - they provide them with all pizzas... and they're great!

              1. re: Tara9000

                Hmmm... maybe I am mistaken about the ingredient.. either way they lost clients that probably spent $50 a week there as their business is down the street and they order take out all the time... Managers comment: "But you get food here all the time?" Freinds comment: "Yes but we take it home and can put whatever we want on it butI guess your chefs integrity is more important to you then your customers?" Manager: ...Silence....

            2. Do recognize that the no rez policy means you'll probably have to wait... Terroni is almost-always busy (especially at Queen). This isn't necessarily a big deal, but it's good to be prepared.

              ODG's caution about substitutions is also good to remember. Here's an article on the same:

              Despite these potential annoyances, I'm a huge fan of Terroni. I almost always go with a pizza but don't have a clear favourite. Interesting Italian wine options by the glass. And the molten chocolate cake thingima that they bake in the pizza oven is fantastique.

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                i am fond of the location on Balloil Ave (on yonge st -south of st clair) yes they can like the soup guy on sienfield, but the food is good and the wine selection is vast.

                1. re: ribboy

                  Balmoral Ave to be exact. It's one really loooong block south of St Clair. I work near there but haven't made it down yet. Thanks for reminding me.

                2. re: Rabbit

                  The Adelaide Street location does take reservations but I can't recall if it is only on certain nights or only for larger groups...perhaps someone else knows?

                  I second the flourless chocolate cake, my favourite dessert in the city.