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Sep 29, 2008 05:57 PM

Concord Grapes to pick ?

Any farms/orchards in your neck of the woods that offer concord grapes to pick or purchase ? The wild sites of my youth have long grown over. Thanks !

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  1. I have an excellent source but it would help to know which neck of the woods you are near.

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    1. re: johnnydj

      is there any place in the Portland Maine area?...I would love to pick Concord grapes off the vine like I did as a child...

      1. re: kaby

        I thought true concord grapes, only grew in Concord MA. (Kinda like Vidalia onions only growing in Vidalia Georgia otherwise they can only be called "Sweet onions"

      2. re: johnnydj

        I'm in woburn mass. But I have family in the western part of the state and also in NH that I regularly visit. I'm not going to go crazy travelling, but further afield could be fun for a day trip.

        1. re: chowmel

          The ones we get at the stores here in CT are grown in upstate New York. I'd love to get a big batch myself for grape conserve...

          1. re: newhavener07

            I'm near Portland and would also LOVE to find a pick your own place.

            newhavener, what's your recipe for conserve? Here's mine:

            3 lb. Concord Grapes
            3 small oranges
            3 lb. sugar
            1 c. chopped walnuts

            Pulp grapes. Cook pulp until seeds separate. Strain and add to skins. (A Foley Food Mill works great!)
            Grind rind and add with juice of oranges. (Rind and juice, but not pulp.)
            Boil 20 min. stirring occ. (Some put a pat of butter or marj. in when making jam to keep boiling down. I don't remember doing that with this.)
            Add sugar, Boil 5 min. add walnuts, mix.

            1. re: itsmecrazydad

              I'm sorry Kaby & Crazydad, - my source is private property and not a pick-your-own farm. Apologies. I'll keep my eyes open anyway and post here.

      3. I would also like to pick Concord grapes in CT--I live in central Conn., but would like to know of anywhere in Conn. That I could pick