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Sep 29, 2008 05:20 PM

Artisinal for a non-cheese lover?

A few of us are going to Artisinal for dinner and are very much looking forward to trying a variety of cheeses. However, we would also like to enjoy some other foods as well. Any rec to order there that is not cheese oriented?
Also, has anyone ever done the beer and cheese pairing? Can it be as good a the cheese and wine pairing?

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  1. Hanger steak frites is always reliable. Have also enjoyed the skate and the cassoulet when it's in season.
    Get the cheesecake for dessert--it's cheese-related, but great for a non-cheese-lover as well.

    1. Steak is good. Other entrees available. I rarely have cheese at my meal. But I tend to buy some to go on my way out.

      1. You won't have trouble finding excellent non-cheese options. Some of our favorites:
        Escargots, Mussles, Fois gras to start.

        For entrees, I've was recently surprised at how good their fish & chips are - perfectly cooked fritters in a light batter - with excellent fries. All the other fish entrees are also very good. My wife enjoys the Risotto, and Chicken under a brick.

        Overall we've found Artisanal to be a great all-around restaurant, not just a great place for cheese. Let us know how it goes.