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Sep 29, 2008 05:19 PM

Great Cheese Shops in Greater NOLA?

Hi all, I'm a new arrival from the northeast with a strong affinity for fine cheeses - squishy ones, crumbly ones, American ones, French ones, Spanish ones, Greek ones, blue ones, white ones, you name it - I like 'em all (except cheddar that is colored orange - after all, I'm originally from Vermont. Cheddar only comes in one color there: white).

Soooo, where to go, where to go, to find a tantalizing cheese selection with a knowledgeable fromageur? I visited Whole Foods on Magazine, which was "all the way up to fine", but I'm looking for something more specialized - and smaller, of course.

Thanks for any suggestions, all you 'hounds out there that know this city like the back of your palate! Forgive me if I missed an existing post on this topic - I did a little searching but nothing jumped out at me on the subject.

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    1. St James for sure. Check it out, you'll be glad (but poor) that you did!

      Cork and Bottle also has a part two of their cheese and beer seminar thingy coming up, check their web site, I think, that may interest you. It's the guy from St James and Dan Stein for Stein's, he's a great beer guy. I heard part one was awesome.

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        St. James Cheese Co. on Prytania! You'll enjoy their selection and their knowledge. I generally use Whole Foods as a convenience. That and they are open later than St. James.
        I can't vouch for the service now that Chef Chris is gone but the Delachaise served a mean cheese selection for their setting. It's nice to hang out, have a great wine selection, superb people watching and get some delicious cheese.
        Unfortunately, my schedule often precludes me from exploring other options but I can stand by these recommendations.


      2. St. James for sure and Martin's Wine Cellar has a pretty good selection. I also like the cheese selections at Cafe Degas.

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        1. re: Tonto

          St. James. Can hardly wish for a better cheese shop.

        2. Well, I guess it's unanimous - St. James! I'll have to wander down there in short order. Then stop at La Boulangerie on the way home for a baguette to go with. Thanks for the tip on the Cork & Bottle event , too - I'll look into it.

          Thank you all for your very cheesy suggestions!

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            They sell Boulangerie baguettes at St. James. One stop shopping.

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              St. James usually sells baguettes from La Boulangerie.