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Sep 29, 2008 05:02 PM

wine bars in shanghai

speaking of wine...could you please refer me to good wine bars, restaurants etc. where's a sommelier on staff...and their web address or contact, so I can check out in the next little while, thanks!

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    1. re: RHplus

      Agreed...Enoteca is great...i prefer the original Anfu Lu location to their second one near Xintiandi but either works...the Anfu Lu one has a great lunch special where you get quiche, a glass of wine, and dessert or coffee...the best place in the city for a nice selection of reasonably priced wine.

      Another great place is's a retail wine shop w/ a tiny bar and a couple tables where you can get terrific stuff by the glass and eat some tartines, salads, etc. Very friendly, knowledgable staff too. It's where i buy all my wine when i'm in Shanghai. Memorably, they rec'd a bottle of red Sancerre that blew me away. Some Gigondas and Cairanne i had there was also delicious. There are two locations of this one also: one on Xinle Lu, and the other in the eastern side of the Fr.Concession, close to Fuxing Park but i'm blanking on the street name.

      Franck, a lovely bistro in the west side of the French Concession, has great wines and food. Pricey for a bistro, but an instant classic.

      All the fancy Bund restaurants (M, etc) will have sommeliers and full wine lists, but i mainly hang out in the Fr.Concession so can't offer much advice on which ones are best, though there are many Bund experts on this board who can weigh in if you are looking for a fancy meal w/ wine on the Bund.

      Shanghai is, in general, a much better city for a daily wine drinker than most other cities in Asia. The large pubs like Cotton's and Sasha's have at least several decent options by the glass (but when i say decent, i'm judging on a sliding scale, comparing to places like Bangkok and Chengdu).