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Sep 29, 2008 04:43 PM

Nice Dinner on Las Olas

My husband and I are taking a couple out for dinner and they live walking distance from Las Olas. They suggested Jackson's Steakhouse, but I am a vegetarian (no fish either) so my husband thought we should venture elsewhere so he doesn't have to spend $300 for me to eat a side salad! We have not been down there in a while so we are looking for some suggestions!

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  1. My favorite is Johnny V's. The food is always good there and I am pretty sure he does have some good vegetarian options. I also like Himmarshee Grill which is a short distance from Las Olas closer to the Broward Center.

    1. How about Chima and do the salad bar? That might be a good option and they are participating in Dine Out Ft. Lauderdale.

      1. We had dinner at Jonny V's Friday night and it was great. He is certainly back at the top of his game again. Salads were great and there are lots of veggies to chose from. We have followed Jonny for fifteen years and he is as great as he has ever been.....

        1. I met some freinds at the Las Olas Cafe a while back and had a wonderfull meal both the food and service were top knotch. But I do miss the Left Bank and now Marks. I have nvever been to Johnny V's as we live on Palm Beach our Broward friends alway pick the spot to meet.

          1. I am not a fan of Jonny Vs, though it's been a while since I've been there. The food was good but it was the atmosphere...the tables were packed in so tight, we might as well have been having dinner with the couple next to us. I found the decor (all gray) very dreary too. DId not improve the ambience at all. And while the food was good, it wasn't great.. My favorites on Las Olas are The Grill Room at the Riverside Hotel, Rino's Tuscan Grille, and although a chain, I like Timpano. At Rino's we sat on the outside patio, watching the gondolas go by on the New River. It was lovely, but dependent on pleasant weather.
            The Grill Room was very elegant, with service to match, and excellent food, and Timpano is just fun....Sinatra style music, nice atmosphere, good consistent quality food.

            Although the Grill Room has a nice variety of vegetarian soups and salads and vegetable sides, there isn't much of a vegetarian entree selection at all.

            Timpano however, has some nice flatbreads and vegetarian pasta dishes for a greater selection. On their website, you can also see what the place looks like inside.
            Enjoy! Websites below.



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