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Sep 29, 2008 04:21 PM

Philly Restaurant Advice...

I am looking for several opinions about where to eat (Low price), tell me where the locals eat and it could be a hole in the wall, a street place, etc.

I am looking for this food:

Shawarma and Falafel
Pub with happy hour...
Tea House with traditional English afternoon tea.
Good coffee and deserts

Thank You all.

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  1. For deli, go to the Reading Terminal Market at Market and 12th st. Inside go to Hershel's East Side Deli.

    1. Chinese: what kind? You'll have the best luck in Chinatown.
      Italian: Radicchio. It's a BYOB so you'll save dough.
      Steaks: In Philly, "steak" is shorthand for a cheesesteak, but we have a glut of steakhouses as well. none are cheap. I like Steve's in the NE for cheesesteaks. In fact, I won't go elsewhere.
      seafood: chinatown is the cheapest option usually, but Dmitri's is good. Cash only.
      Gyro: no idea
      Deli: 4th St Delicatessen
      Shawarma & Falafel: Saad's at 45th and Walnut. Closed until the 2nd week of October for Ramadan
      pub with happy hour: South Philly Tap Room

      Can't help you with the last two.

      best of luck

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        Check out Ray's Cafe and Teahouse in Chinatown 141 N. 9th st

        The suggestion of Reading Terminal Market is excellent. You'll find a wide variety of choices. While in Philadelphia, you should try local specialites such as a cheesesteak, soft pretzels with mustard, hot pork sandwich, Italian hoagie (sub). These are things locals eat. For breakfast try scrapple.

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          Olympic Gyro in Reading Terminal is pretty good. Also Estia has great seafood and Naked Chocolate Cafe and Capogiro gelato are great dessert options.

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            Apologies for the ignorant question: what is scrapple? I'll also be in Philly soon, and as a CA native, don't know what some of these terms are.

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              It's the things they don't put in a hot dog all ground up with cornmeal. It's usually pan fried or deep fried. Some people put ketchup or syrup on it. They have good scrapple at the Dutch Eating Place at Reading Terminal.

            1. Great choices thank you to everyone to taking the time to write in this post...I am making a list :) :)

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              1. falafel, south street, 2 places , Maoz, and one other on 4th and south,

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                  My pick for falafel is the stand in the Penn food court at 34th & Walnut Street. I love their sandwiches! If the weather is good, you can dine al fresco on the deck in the back.

                  Better, in my opinion, than anything else around. Don't know if they have shawarma.

                  As for deli, Kibitz in the City (7th & Chestnut) and the Famous Deli (4th & Bainbridge) are both amazing. The portions are enormous, so bring friends along.

                2. Bitars at 10th and Federal has good falafel and gyros. Sarcones at 8th and Catherine for Italian deli, Red gravy Italian and waitresses that call you hon and toss carafe of chiati at you: Villa d'Roma on 9th at Carpenter