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Sep 29, 2008 04:09 PM

Durant OK

Anyone have any suggestions for Durant, Oklahoma? Regional Specialties would be a plus.

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  1. it's always so weird to see oklahoma posts on the midwest board. you may get one or two responses here, but i'd suggest re-posting your request on the texas board, as dallas/fort worth is much more handy to the region of your enquiry than are the midwest areas of cleveland, detroit, chicago, milwaukee, KC, etc. where most of the board's posters seem to hail from. . .

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      I agree that OK does not fit neatly into any of the categories here, but I always post about Oklahoma on the Midwest board because the subheader says "Tips for Dining, Eating, and Food Shopping in (several states, including OK)"

      1. re: Jocelyn P

        yes i realize that-- but durant, oklahoma is just barely north of the texas border, and dallas/fort worth is the nearest urban center (closer than oklahoma city to durant). folks in dallas/fort worth will have a much better chance at having passed thru this place than folks living in the midwest, and the dallas/ft worth folks (who might actually know something helpful to the op) may not check the midwest board at all. durant is also far closer to arkansas and louisiana (south board) than any midwestern state, it seems to be a "geographical oddity," that's not served well by the boards. i think that a pedantic view of the boards' lumping stuff together is only so helpful sometimes-- you need to pose your question to the folks who may actually be able to answer. i don't know if the texas folks routinely check the midwest board in case there is an OK post-- if they do, i'm totally in the wrong here.

        1. re: soupkitten

          As I recall from my years in Tulsa, it's Doorant!

          As an aside, is there still the Kum Back Inn in Perry? Best BBQ and Mexican that I can recall.

          1. re: soupkitten

            Considering that Durant is on Highway 69/75, it is a major stop between the DFW and Tulsa and a lot of the midwest. A lot of people use this route, from my experiences it is a heavily traveled route between Dallas and the Midwest. Also from my own personal experience, there is a bbq place in Calera, just south of Durant, called The Angus Pit Stop. Very good central Texas style bbq, you have to go to the pits to get your meats. As for Oklahoma being like Texas, I wouldn't talk that up north of the Red.

      2. We have been all over the world and this little place has a great spot. It will surprise you. It is called Roma Italian Restraurant. the food top of the line, staff great, look and feel perfect. I can't figure out why in the world they can do this so right in this little town and no where in Oklahoma City can you find a meal, dining faciltiy or friendly staff like this. This little place has it going on. I forgot to mention the price is great, not that you will care the moment you taste the fresh bread, but really, it has it all. It is located down in the heart of their old main Street in fact at 121 West Main for your Garmins. They jsut built a new Holiday Inn Express in this town so if you drive in for the night do as we did and call local to find out what there local special is not the corp rate.580-924-9777. It is over on 613 University Place and they will sent you out the door in the moring full of Hot coffee,Cinn rolls.,biscuts and gravy. They tell me this is the fastest going rural city in Ok. , so it is good to have a place in mind if you plan to spend the night. Romas has a Web site This is the sort of place you could dress up if you like and you would not feel out of place and the same if you were in your good boots and jeans.
        T. Canaday

        1. Driving from Dallas to Tulsa a few months ago, my friends and I were hungry so we stopped in the only place we saw that wasn't a chain. El Adobe Mexican Grill, in Atoka, not far from Durant, on Highway 75. Lively, crowded place, in business 35 years, friendly service, cheap lunch menu, standard Tex-Mex fare (e.g. fajitas, etc). What's amusing is that no one there speaks Spanish!

          Telephone (580) 889-5296

          Yes, I'm always amazed to find Oklahoma in the Midwest board, but that's where it is. It's one of the few "midwest" states with cowboys, Indians, ranches, slavery legal until 1866.