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Sep 29, 2008 02:49 PM

new places in silverlake area

i just got back from being out of town for about 4 mos. and it seems like there are a million new places in the neighborhood. would love any input to help me prioritize where to check out first. have only made it to palate so far and was absolutely thrilled.

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  1. You must try The Park, on a casual night. We ate there Saturday and the food was delicious, hearty and the price is right. Good service, BYOB and free corkage.

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    1. re: lotta_cox

      +1 on The Park. We've been there 3X., all on Saturday evenings. Good food & service.

      1. re: roadfix

        +1...i love it! I wish we had points to use on chowhound! LOL.

    2. thanks. just checked out their website menu. looks good and has stuff the picky boy will eat, which is always a plus. i think i'll try to go tomorrow and report back.

      1. Yes, many new places have opened up in area, trying to filofax back 4 months and nothing is standing out only Palate, as it is the very best of the new.
        I have to admit I was not enamored with The Park when I went several months ago, but many are...maybe I ordered the wrong thing? it was an off night? Service was good, loved being able to bring own wine. I can not even remember what I ordered, i.e. walked away underwhelmed. Note: I had just had a great dinner at Canele the week before much more expensive but worth it!

        On my list to try is:
        - The new addition to Viet Noodle (good, but overpriced) in Atwater that has expanded to now serve Bahn Mi.
        - The Fix a new burger spot on Hyperion, I am always looking for a good burger!
        - Sila, also on Hyperion is new and has gotten some good reviews..
        - Waiting on Cafe Bravo for Kebabs (Hyperion).

        Other new places that underwhelemed me:
        - Hugo's Taco's (Atwater)
        - Speranza (Italian on Hyperion)

        New Incarnations:
        -Michelangelo now on Rowena (have not been to new location).
        -Home (great space, big bar and nice patio, food is still nothing special).

        - the best of the new is Tomato Pizza PIe off Hyperion.

        Also some new Vegan spots...I am a meat fan...

        and I am sure I missed some!

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        1. re: LaLa Eat

          That's a good list, LaLa. Although I usually like meat, we really enjoyed Bulan Thai at the end of Santa Monica Blvd. Agree about Tomato Pie, but Garage Pizza is also a possibility.

          1. re: LaLa Eat

            "- The Fix a new burger spot on Hyperion, I am always looking for a good burger!"

            Are these guys related to the FIX coffee house which recently opened on Echo Park Ave.?

            1. re: roadfix

              No, not related, but confusing. Kind of like the six or so Aroma cafes around L.A.

            2. re: LaLa Eat

              This is a well conceived list re: new places. I have one comment in that I would strongly disagree that Viet Noodle Bar is overpriced. Sure it is more than most SGV Vietnamese places, but there's more to it. The noodles are hand made, the dishes are are very unique renditions of "traditional" ones. There Bun is outstanding with each dish having it's own noodles and ingredients. The white fish bun is maybe may favorite single dish in all of LA right now. The vegetarian bun with mushrooms (not the jackfruit) is also outstanding with yet it's own unique noodles. The bahn mi are more than most, but then Viet makes his own french baguettes. The spicey tofu is very good as is, of course, the white fish. Handmade (from scratch) infused soy drinks are also excellent. So while the menu is a few dollars more than other places, I'm happy to pay for the quality, creativity and ambience at Viet's place. I use to eat at Indochine avoiding Viet when I heard the prices where high, but after trying the food, there's no looking back.

              1. re: LaLa Eat

                I had dinner at the Park this past Saturday night. Service was fine and we loved the BYOB, but we found the food overly salty. I had the pulled prok and it was drowning in salt; my friend had the special cod (oversauced and oversalted). SO had the hanger steak, which was a hit. The Shrimp and Pancake appetizer and Fatoush Salad were also pretty good.

                1. re: LaLa Eat

                  Is Fix burgers open? If so, any reports?

                  1. re: LaLa Eat

                    i'm a fan of canele, agree not cheap and haven't been in a while but for me it's been consistently good. also i think their brunch+a farmer's market run across the street makes a great weekend morning that i've missed.

                    i'm willing to admit that if the bahn mi is good i'm willing to go overpriced in order to get it on the bike instead of the car. anyone tried it?

                  2. I think Local is a great addition to the neighborhood. As the name implies, Local strives to serve food sourced nearby, and their output is tasty, non-fussy and reasonably-priced. The patio is lovely. Sunset & Silverlake


                    Local - probable duplicate
                    Los Angeles, CA 90039, Los Angeles, CA 90039

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                      I just want to stress Garage Pizza here. I thouhgt it was clearly superior to Tomato Pie. Great NY thin slices, no sogginess here. Might be my new fave in all of LA. And they said they'd deliver to Atwater!

                      Also, Lot 1 Cafe was very good as well, over in Echo Park on Sunset.

                      Can't wait to try Michelangelo's, new space looks great.

                      Definitely NO to Hugo's. Worst taco in history. Salsa takes like water - not kidding. Avoid this place at all costs.

                      1. re: kellydeez

                        I too, like Garage Pizza. I thought it was more than decent. Have been wanting to try Lot 1, but their lack of liquor license and their inflexibility with regard to BYOB make it challenging for me, as I usually only want to leave the house on nights I can have some wine.

                      2. re: scurvy


                        I think Local is a great addition to the neighborhood. As the name implies, Local strives to serve food sourced nearby, and their output is tasty, non-fussy and reasonably-priced. The patio is lovely. Sunset & Silverlake


                        I passed by this place on the way to Masa in Echo Park,looks interesting, Thanks. Desert Rose has opened recently and there's a review in LA Weekly:


                        1. re: SilverlakePhil

                          I don't mean to quibble, but the blurb in the LA Weekly is definitely not a a review, just a notice that it has opened. A review is where they actually say if the food is good or not. It will be interesting to hear from the first people who eat at Desert Rose -- it doesn't seem like a food-focused place to me.

                          1. re: Chowpatty

                            also, lot 1 is no more as it was once known before.

                      3. Four of us went to Local for brunch this Sunday. It was our first visit and we all came away with the same opinion - food was very good if a bit overpriced, the service model, where you order, get a number and then find a table, is annoying and precludes you from enjoying the kind of service one hopes for at Sunday brunch. No coffee refills were offered. The staff was very friendly but the self serve, counter service, table service hybrid needs some fine tuning. We all agreed that Square One was a better option.