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Sep 29, 2008 02:42 PM

Good eats in Andover, Tewksbury Area?

Looking for affordable enjoyable options in Andover, North Andover, Tewksbury, even So NH .....

BF relocated and we have not found any great places in our travels.....


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  1. Mango II, a Thai restaurant which is quickly becoming one of my favorite restaurants in the Boston area, is located in Tewksbury. It's on Route 38 near the Wilmington line.

    1. Cassis in Andover a small FR bistro place, Ralphies in Salem NH is good old school italian very reasonable. Cafe Azteca in Lawrence family run Mexican, excellent.

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      1. re: treb

        I hear that Cassis Bistro closed.

        1. re: robertlf

          too bad.
          but their website is still up and running.

      2. Mmmm, love Cafe Azteca for mexican too. Nice little Italian place in Tewksbury is Luna Rossa with great pizza too.

        Come a little bit west to Lowell and you'll find plenty of awesome places on this thread, might check New England too. My fav's (not in any particular order):
        Southeast Asian - thai, vietnamese, bermeese, laotian,cambodian
        Sakura (chelmsford) - fav sushi
        Good Thymes - great comfort food, awesome service
        Etsogo - great malaysian
        Life Alive - excellent health food restaurant
        Glenview (chelmsford)- awesome comfort food, great value
        Espresso Pizza - best pizza IMO
        Friends Restaurant - excellent Portuguese
        Ricardo's Cafe - excellent Italian
        Pho 88 (chelmsford) - fantastic vietnamese

        I'm sure I'm leaving some out, there is a lot in the area for great asian food, which tends to be very affordable. I still want to get to Phien's Kitchen and Red Rose - many good reviews.

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        1. re: lexpatti

          fabulous suggestions!!!

          I look forward to adventures....

          much thanks!!

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            Etsogo is not malaysian. It's Chinese/Japanese.

            1. re: robertlf

              I should have been more clear - it's an Asian restaurant with Malaysian cuisine as an option (that I really enjoyed).

          2. Yama in Andover for solid Sushi.
            Glory, also in Andover, for drinks, scene and decent food.
            Keon's in Haverhill.
            Amesbury Flatbread Company.

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              I recommend Vic's Waffle House on Route 38 near 495 for a great breakfast with equally great prices and fast and efficient service. They have an extensive menu....great corned beef hash and delicious fresh squeezed orange juice.

              Also I second hiddenboston on Mango II....fantastic food with warm and friendly service.

              1. re: edgewater

                Very kewl about Vic's, I pass it all the time but have never stopped. I love a good breakfast and usually head to the Owl Diner for awesome eggs benny.

                I'll have to check out Mango ll, don't believe I've tried that one. Is it on the right going south from Tewks or Lowell?

                1. re: lexpatti

                  It is on the right heading south, more or less kitty-corner from the grill/pub with the pool tables (its name escapes me).

            2. Cracker Barrel in Tewksbury has some good comfort food choices like chicken&dumplings, and hash brown casserole, with a bit of a Southern bent. Very good pancakes and excellent, meaty bacon (available in uncooked packages to take home) are part of the all-day breakfast menu.

              The Loft, a steak house in North Andover, does a noteworthy Lobster Mac&Cheese, although their next-door sister seafood place, Joe Fish, does not offer it. Across the street, Butcher Boy market is praised for the quality of its fresh meat. These are all near the intersection of Rt 133. If you take 133 east, you first come to Benson's, a great stand for homemade ice cream (fresh local fruit flavors included) but it's not that far till you arrive at the great clam places in Ipswich/Essex. Also Mad Maggie's, Treadwell's, and White Farms for ice cream.

              Ditto on Vics, Sakura, Mango II