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Sep 29, 2008 02:19 PM

Nothing in Bethlehem? How about Littleton?

No one responded to my post about recs in Bethlehem, NH, so I'm casting a wider net. Anthing in Littleton, another nearby town, or in the general Franconia area?

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  1. A few places up the road in or near Littleton come to mind:
    Miller's Cafe -- excellent sandwiches and baked goods (I've waxed poetic in the past about them, you should find with a search)
    Baliwicks -- downtown Littleton. Great food, well prepared, surprisingly chowish and upscale for the region. We had a fabulous dinner there earlier this year, creative cuisine, extremely well prepared. Interesting and unique wine list as well.
    Element -- across the river in St. Johnsbury. One of my absolute favorites in the region. Locally sourced foods creatively prepared (again, a search will reveal some more information).
    Rabbit Hill Inn -- a classic tucked along the Ct. River just across the bridge from Littleton in Vermont. Finer cuisine.

    Elements Food & Spirit
    98 Mill St, Saint Johnsbury, VT 05819

    Miller's Cafe & Bakery
    16 Mill St, Littleton, NH 03561

    Rabbit Hill Inn
    48 Lower Waterford Rd, Lower Waterford, VT

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    1. re: jbh11

      Thanks, jbh--I'll do some research and then see what the rest of the (large) group thinks!

      1. re: phoebek

        I second the recommendation for RHI. The Rabbit Hill Inn is one of my favorite places anywhere!

        1. re: HIW

          Rabbit Hill Inn looks great, but I think I'll save it for a trip with DH. I'll be part of a group of 10 this trip. Bailiwicks in Littleton sounds like a good option, but their website is under construction, and I can't seem to find any info about their prices. Can anyone provide any info??

    2. The Grand View in Whitefield might be an option:
      16 minutes from Bethlehem.

      1. A friend and I just stayed at the Franconia Inn this past weekend. However, we had dinner at the Sugar Hill Inn up the road. It was very, very good. The food was creatively done and presented, tasty and filling. The prix fixe meal for $49 each,. I would go back in a flash.

        1. Bethlehem NH?

          A nice little gem is the Riverview Restaurant at the Wayside Inn. The specialties on the menu are Swiss specialties. Yum!

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          1. re: signothetimes53

            Looks very interesting, but it's all meat--do they offer anything that would appeal to a vegetarian (not me, but at least one and maybe two of the others)?

          2. Thanks so much for all the great ideas! With such a large group (and wide variety of palates, including at least one vegetarian--as well as pocketbooks), it'll be interesting to see what I can "sell" to the gang. However, I'm thinking that I'll need to make a separate trip or two with my husband.