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Nothing in Bethlehem? How about Littleton?

No one responded to my post about recs in Bethlehem, NH, so I'm casting a wider net. Anthing in Littleton, another nearby town, or in the general Franconia area?

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  1. A few places up the road in or near Littleton come to mind:
    Miller's Cafe -- excellent sandwiches and baked goods (I've waxed poetic in the past about them, you should find with a search)
    Baliwicks -- downtown Littleton. Great food, well prepared, surprisingly chowish and upscale for the region. We had a fabulous dinner there earlier this year, creative cuisine, extremely well prepared. Interesting and unique wine list as well.
    Element -- across the river in St. Johnsbury. One of my absolute favorites in the region. Locally sourced foods creatively prepared (again, a search will reveal some more information).
    Rabbit Hill Inn -- a classic tucked along the Ct. River just across the bridge from Littleton in Vermont. Finer cuisine.

    Elements Food & Spirit
    98 Mill St, Saint Johnsbury, VT 05819

    Miller's Cafe & Bakery
    16 Mill St, Littleton, NH 03561

    Rabbit Hill Inn
    48 Lower Waterford Rd, Lower Waterford, VT

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      Thanks, jbh--I'll do some research and then see what the rest of the (large) group thinks!

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        I second the recommendation for RHI. The Rabbit Hill Inn is one of my favorite places anywhere!

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          Rabbit Hill Inn looks great, but I think I'll save it for a trip with DH. I'll be part of a group of 10 this trip. Bailiwicks in Littleton sounds like a good option, but their website is under construction, and I can't seem to find any info about their prices. Can anyone provide any info??

    2. The Grand View in Whitefield might be an option: http://www.mountainviewgrand.com/
      16 minutes from Bethlehem.

      1. A friend and I just stayed at the Franconia Inn this past weekend. However, we had dinner at the Sugar Hill Inn up the road. It was very, very good. The food was creatively done and presented, tasty and filling. The prix fixe meal for $49 each,. I would go back in a flash.

        1. Bethlehem NH?

          A nice little gem is the Riverview Restaurant at the Wayside Inn. The specialties on the menu are Swiss specialties. Yum!


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            Looks very interesting, but it's all meat--do they offer anything that would appeal to a vegetarian (not me, but at least one and maybe two of the others)?

          2. Thanks so much for all the great ideas! With such a large group (and wide variety of palates, including at least one vegetarian--as well as pocketbooks), it'll be interesting to see what I can "sell" to the gang. However, I'm thinking that I'll need to make a separate trip or two with my husband.

            1. OK---we were there last week.
              We love the Littleton Diner for breakfast.
              We ate their outstanding corned beef hash almost every day.
              Super staff,great breakfast food,and good coffee to boot.
              We also tried the Coffee Pot Restaurant(next to the theatre) but they didn't have the homemade corned beef hash we were told they had.
              We tried Baliwick's for dinner.
              They have an outstanding Martini Bar with over 100 types of Martinis.
              We ate at the bar and we just ordered many appetizers in lieu to dinner.
              The "Jumbo" wings were verysmall and mediocre at best considering they were advertised as "Jumbo".
              The other appetizers(calamri,lobster club sandwich,ect. ) were all pretty good.
              Thedinner menu looked good but we didn't try it.
              We had many different martinis and appetizers only.
              BTW the stuffed potatoes were't too bad either.
              We didn't try anything else but we were told(by many folks in town) that the fish chowder at the Bethlehem Country Club was to die for.
              Wish we had more time to try this out.
              Good Eating!

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                Thanks, catnip. Do you remember what prices were like at Bailiwick's? Their website is under construction, and a couple of folks in our group are likely to be cost-conscious.

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                  Yes,I do remember the pricing.
                  Appetizers ran from $5.95-$14.95(for the lobster club sandwich).
                  The main menu ran from around $15ish to $35ish for entrees.
                  We just weren't hungry enough to eat a big meal and we preferred the bar to a table.
                  The place was empty when we were there but then again it was around 6PMish,a bit too early for most eaters.
                  If you like a martini bar this one is really excep0tional and they friendly,younger-generation staff made this an enjoyable expereience.
                  We're up there again next week and we we're going to try that fish chowder at the Bethlehem Country Club.
                  BTW we ate at the Whitefield Inn two trips ago.
                  We ate at the bar again and we found the service very slow but the food very good.
                  We were the only ones in the bar at the time and if you're in no big hurry this pcould be another place to consider.
                  They had a bar menu($10-$15) which was priced at about 1/2 of their entree menu.($20-$40).
                  We had their open steak sandwich(tasty and done the way we ordered it done) which we really enjoyed.
                  Good eating!

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                    Thanks so much for this info, catnip!

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                      Hi - I found these suggestions super helpful for a similar trip last week. For anyone else looking, I would add Wendle's Deli in Franconia for breakfast, casual lunch or packed lunch for a hike. I went there almost every day! For dinner, Sugar Hill Inn was very nice and good value at $49 for 4-course prix-fixe.

                      My favorite by far was Tim-Bir Alley, 7 Main Street, in Littleton for dinner. Truly OUTSTANDING food in a comfortable casual place. I also went to Elements and while enjoyable especially with locally sourced food, it was not as flavorful as Tim-Bir Alley.

                      Miller's was terrific for a quick casual lunch too.

                      Happy chow!

              2. If you want an Inn experience at a lower price than the rabbit, try:
                http://www.adairinn.com/ - which I think is in Bethlehem
                I took two bike tours there last summer and everyone was happy. Since you have a large group, see if they'll give you the library room for some privacy. Also gorgeous grounds, especially at dusk.

                Another option in Littleton:
                Cantina Di Gerardo – small but supposedly authentic Italian 603 444-7700

                Maybe: http://www.bonefishgrill.com/

                (no experience at either


                I agree on the diner for breakfast.

                1. I was recently in Littleton at a few of the restaurants mentioned, and a couple of others. Here's a brief rundown:

                  We had breakfast one morning at the Littleton Diner, but while I liked it, my husband was disappointed. I had an omelet, which was really good, but my husband and I agreed the homefries could have been better. The server mentioned that they had a different variety of potato, and it wouldn't cook right. They might have better potatoes now.

                  Another morning we ate at The Coffee Pot. I had eggs, and my husband had pancakes. We agreed that the homefries at The Coffee Pot were better than those at the Littleton Diner, but the coffee was abysmal! It tasted as though it had been made in a pot that had been used for making flavored coffee and not cleaned after, or, alternately, the coffee tasted like it had been made with *tea*! Truly terrible. My husband declared that the pancakes were very good, however.

                  Miller's Cafe ended up being our go-to place for lunch.The first day, we got sandwiches to go as we left for a day of exploring. Another day, we ate in, and I had the mandarin cranberry salad with grilled chicken, while my husband got half a panini and fruit salad. All were fresh and flavorful.

                  Bailiwick's was a nice surprise, but I can only tell you about the vegetarian options my husband and I had: I had the Tuscan Grill (variety of grilled veggies with Israeli couscous) and he had the pasta with tomatoes and basil. Both entrees were delicious. For dessert, we there -- among many other things -- two sorbet options. We both got a sorbet that was a combo of blueberry, pomegranate, and something else. Service was very good, and my glass of wine was free since they didn't have quite enough for a full glass!

                  We also had dinner at the Thai restaurant on Main St., although the name escapes me. This was an above-average Thai meal, which I hadn't expected since we were outside of a city with a large Thai population. I had the chicken basil, which I should have gotten "Thai Spicy" (as they call their hottest ranking on the menu), but it was good nonetheless.

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                    Nice report awufflu!
                    We stop in Littleton a few times a year but we really love the home-made hash at the Littleton Diner.
                    We think their hash is just great.
                    We really just go there for that great hash.
                    We like their coffee as well.
                    We agree 100% with your Coffee Pot opinion.
                    Worst coffee around!
                    For dinner we tried Bailiwick's as well and we ate just appetizers at their Martini Bar.
                    The service was great but we didn't didnd't find anything unusual in appetizers.
                    They had many,many different martinis there however which were different and interesting to try.
                    For breakfast you might want to try Polly's Pancake Parlor inSugar Hill.
                    This isn't all that far out of town and people,including us,rave about their pancakes.
                    We buy their products to take home with us a s well.
                    Their pancakes are really lighter and more moist than any other we have had and we really recommed this place to you to try.
                    Outside of what you've mentioned,we haven't tried the Thai place yet and locals who we've known for decades told us that Applebee's is one of the better places in town.
                    That's a sad commentary if your are looking for great chow!---LOL!
                    We treid the Mt. Washington Hotel a few years ago and that was good for a Sunday brunch but they made us park miles away and told us that we had to take a trolley to the hotel last year as there were just too many tourists around "bothering" the paying guests who were staying at the hotel.
                    Needlessto say we don't go there anymore.
                    I'veherd that there are several kosher restaurants in Bethlehem,N.H. as there is a large hassidic population there during the summers.
                    We hope to find more information on these places.
                    Perhaps someone readingthe post here will be able to inform us about them.
                    We did eat at the country club in Bethlemhm for lunch last yar and their roast beef sandwiches and corned beef sandwiches were really outstanding;much better than you would expect from country club pub menus.

                  2. For my one night in Littleton I had a less than mediocre dinner at the Littleton Diner. Probably not the place to go for dinner. I did have an exceptional breakfast the next day at Polly's Pancake House in Sugar Hill. The food, the ambiance, and the view made my trip to this part of NH enjoyable.

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                      Next time up try the re-opened Beal House.
                      I just posted a review of the place at this site ,which is right up the road from the Littleton Diner,on Chowhounds a few days ago.
                      The place was the best food we've eaten in Littleton or in the whole Littleton-area.