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Sep 29, 2008 01:46 PM

Eating in Polanco, staying at the W

Any recomendaciones? Thanks!

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  1. there are so many places to eat in Polanco, you need to be more specific as to what kind of food/mood/price you're aiming :)

    1. Would not miss Tacos el Turix on Emilio Castelar and order either taco de cochinita or panuchos they are to die for !! they have a fantastic habanero salsa too.
      El Farolito has great carne asada and costilla tacos cooked over charcoal fireb ask for the salsa especial It's on Newton.
      For amazing Carnitas Los Panchos are great It's close to the Camino real hotel.
      For high end food the list is big so what do you like ?

      1. Izote is pretty nearby (Presidente Masaryk 513, between Sócrates and Platón), and it's got to be one of the most-often recommended restaurants in the city ( ).

        For relatively informal meals, Saks Natural is right down the street (Campos Eliseos 133 - ). Don't let the name fool you. While it has relatively healthy selections, their focus is on using high-quality ingredients. It is hardly your typical Mexican health food restaurant.

        The concierge at the W recommended Thai Gardens (Calderon de la Barca 72) to us when we stayed and I have to say that, while it does have very nice atmosphere, we found it ridiculously overpriced with terrible, inattentive service.

        1. The reason I´m not specific is b/c any price range will do and I´m a really good eater (I will eat anything) not in terms of quantity but range. I am a bit tired of going to the same places.

          I usually end up at el califa in condesa for tacos
          D.O. on Mazarik for spanish
          lago de los cisnes or charco de las ranas

          So I´m looking to expand and if it´s walking distance or close to the hotel, even better

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          1. re: cleveland park

            Charco de las Ranas is one of the worst, it's THE worst restaurant I've tried in the DF. A few dried-out tacos, a couple of orders of chicharrón de queso, and three soft drinks for our table were really, really bad food and cost nearly $300 pesos. I wouldn't go back there again, ever, when there are so many wonderful places to choose from in the city.

            I heartily second the recommendation for Izote, near you in Polanco.

            Farther afield, try La Casa de Toño (near Alameda Norte) some night for pozole. Have you been to Azul y Oro, at UNAM? How about El Tajín, a never-fail old-timer in Coyoacán? What about La Bella Lulá?


            1. re: cristina

              Charco de las Ranas, really? I like the one in Periférico Sur, excellent service, very clean. We always order aguas frescas (horchata, tamarind...) tacos al pastor (con todo menos sin piña), and 1/2 order of red pozole (maciza), café de olla and pastel de elote (but Sak´s mantecadas de elote are better). i like also El Lagos de los Cisnes, maybe im easily happy.....i like to walk on prado norte, el mercado, persian rugs, the bookstore, maskota pet´s´s nice in the afternoon on Friday or Sat. There´s even a small art gallery around the corner. I want to try the seafood place next to the coffee shop, ...... And i´ve heard i lot of good things about Azul y Oro at UNAM, where´s it? At the Centro Cultural?

              1. re: Xacinta

                I also like Charco de las Ranas the chuleta adobada is very good, chicharron de queso is a clasisc there one of the first places that did it. Expensive yes .
                Azul y Oro is in the centro cultural universitario right in front of the sala Nezahualcotl , open only for lunch, the duck pouches with mole negro are out of these world !!! They recently opened another one in the ingenieria building in ciudad universitaria.

                1. re: bigotes

                  Gracias. i´m going to try the duck at azul y oro.

                  1. re: Xacinta

                    Try the hot chocolate as well if it's on the menu. Ricardo has his chocolate specially blended for him in Oaxaca. It's probably the single best cup of hot chocolate I've ever had in my life...and it was water based.

                2. re: Xacinta

                  (con todo menos sin piña)

                  If I remember correctly from my Grammar studies... that would be a Chimultrufism =)

                  1. re: Eat_Nopal

                    it´s not even my line...i stole it from Germán Dehesa. It´s a nice way to make the taquero smile...and i am always very polite to taqueros, waitress, valet parking guy, cheffs, hostess...i find it to be a good policy.

            2. Hi Cleveland,
              I'm an expat working in Polanco (down the street from the W) so maybe I can help you out.

              If its people watching and atmosphere you are after, hit up the restaurants near Parque de Lincoln (on Emilio Castelar). 50 Friends has great wood fired pizzas that aren't two pricey. Spuntino (on the corner) is an Argentinean place with everything from steak to pizza to empanadas. I've also heard great things about Casa Portuguesa on the same street although I've never been.

              I really like Prego, which is right across the street from the hotels. The service is great and the food is consistently good.

              Try El Bajio for some good Mexican food and eno if you're looking for a gourmet deli.

              Hope this helps.