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Sep 29, 2008 01:44 PM

Beef Stroganoff

I've had a craving for beef stroganoff all afternoon. Is there place in the Northern Virginia area that serves a decent version? Thanks for your help!

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  1. Try Chez Andre on E. Glebe in Alexandria. Don't think it's on the menu, but I've had it as a lunch special several times. Tasty!

    1. El Manantial in Reston has a great version on their lunch menu.

      1. I know Russia House in dupont has it, but i haven't had it. i know that isn't NOVA but if you havent satisfied your craving yet you might try it!

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          There is also a Russia House in Herndon. Stroganoff is on the menu, although I've not tried it. I've always enjoyed the food ans service at Russia House.

          1. re: BlueRidgePro

            I've had the stroganoff at Russia House in Herndon. It was good, but it wasn't the type with slices of beef over egg noodles. It was a piece of tenderloin with stroganoff sauce on top, served with mashed potatoes. It was still tasty, but not what satisfied my craving. The day I went, there was a chicken stroganoff special (at lunch) that was sliced and over egg noodles. If I hadn't been with co-workers, I probably would've asked for egg noodles - but it was my first day of work and I didn't want to seem too needy! ;-)

            Now I'm craving stroganoff, so I'm interested in hearing other suggestions. I live out in Loudoun, so Arlington or Alexandria wouldn't work for me... and I'm on bedrest. I may have to get the hubby to go to El Manantial for me!

        2. the lamplighter resto in fairfax lists it as their first "specialty."

          i still haven't made it out there, but would like to give it a try....